Monday, May 09, 2005

The Horrifying Mad Dash

Talk about a wild ride. Today at 11:00 AM my time, I was poised, my finger over the left click button of my mouse, ready to start booking my agent and editor appointments for the RWA conference in Reno. I had high hopes of at least getting somewhere within my top three choices. I had Pro status after all...that oughtta count for something...right?

Yeah, well I feel sorry for anyone who comes after our group!

It took about an hour of clicking, re-clicking, getting error messages, thinking I had something booked only to have it come back full when I went to the check-out, which meant I had to go back and start all over again. Finally I lucked out but it was a bit sketchy there for a minute. I managed to book my 3rd choice agent in a group appointment (no idea it was a group appt, not sure how we were supposed to tell that and I was in too much of a mad dash to get something booked before everything ran out to read through and check). By the time I went back to book the editor, there was only one left taking appointments for historicals. After several false starts, a bunch more error messages, and some general cursing on my part, I managed to get through to the check-out and get it booked. And thankfully, that is an individual appointment.

So it is done. And from the sounds of it, I may well be one of the lucky ones able to secure both an editor and agent appointment. I know some weren't so fortunate. So I'll take my group and my individual and be happy with them and enjoy the experience. And as soon as the adrenaline stops pumping through my body I might actually be able to get some work done.


Tess said...

Hey Kelly,

Congrats on getting appointments!! I never quite managed it *deep sigh*. Couldn't make the RWA website work for me.

Nice to know there are still historical romance writers out there - so many people I meet now are writing contemps! Also see you're an Elizabeth Chadwick fan - do you write medievals?

Thanks for linking to my blog :-)

Kelly said...

Hi Tess,

Great blog - love it!

I am planning a medieval, but its a little ways off. I'm finishing up a western right now, then have a post-civil war manuscript that needs its second draft completed, and then I have a regency which I am hoping to at least get a first draft done before the conference. I'm hoping somewhere in there I'll also figure out how to manipulate time so I can make that happen. But once that is all done, I am kicking around an idea for a medieval. So many ideas and so little time! My day job just keeps getting in the way...

Sorry to hear you didn't get appointments - sounds like a lot of people were disappointed. Hopefully there will be some cancellations and you can slide into a vacated spot.