Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bumpin' Uglies

I'm writing the book's big love scene. Normally I excel at this, love scenes seem to flow easily from my imagination to my fingertips and into the keyboard as if I were channeling the kama sutra or Aphrodite. But this last one has become the love scene from hell. I had it written, thought it was fine. Then I changed one thing and it all fell apart. I've rewritten it about three times now, juggled things around, added, substracted, twisted, smoothed. I've now resorted to switching POV in the vain hope maybe it will look different from the other character's perspective, something I probably should have done first when the little voice in my head kept whispering that suggestion to me. Damn the voices. I hate it when they're right. *Sigh*... At this rate, my hero and heroine will never get to nash naughty bits and I'll never finish this book...

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