Sunday, February 03, 2013

Snow Day!

"Laziness will cause you pain." ~ Slogan on T-shirt worn at the Vee Arnis Jitsu School of Self-Defense

We’re having a snow day on a Sunday, which really isn’t convenient at all. It meant my RWA Chapter meeting was cancelled and any plans I have for writing are nebulous at best with a nine year old running about. Even when he tries to be quiet it means he only sounds like half a herd of elephants as opposed to the whole herd.

I’m still reworking my outline for A Heart Betrayed. Today is my last day to outline because starting tomorrow I need to dive into the actual writing and then produce 30 pages a week until the first week of April in order to get the first draft down. I’m not sure how doable that is, but given I’m running out of time and still need to incorporate time in there for revisions, it’s going to have to be. 

Hubby suggested we take 5 day in April or May to go to Universal Studios with the boy. I looked at him like he had two heads and said something to the effect of, “Are you crazy?! I can’t go anywhere until I turn this book in May 31st!” I then suggested sightings of me may be scarce between now and then and he might want to take a picture. We’re not looking at early June for the trip to the Universal. By then, I may need a few days away from anything resembling a manuscript.

But, because I like to heap a bunch of crap on myself at the same time, I have also embarked on a new job with an old boss and re-started my weight training and running program which sort of fell by the wayside over the summer. I figure if nothing else, the muscle building will give me the energy/stamina to manage the writing and the new job.

And that is about all that is new on this front. I’m going to sign off now and go finish that outline. Now that I’ve totally revamped it (yet again), it had better fall into place!


Michelle Helliwell said...

I am still in my pj's at 7:20, though I don't feel lazy because I just worked in 'em.

I'm about to sit down and figure out - once again - how to make writing a priority, when so many other things push it out of the way. Always a struggle, but worth it. I think those things that keep you physically and mentally healthy - exercise, good books, family - are worth the investment though.

Melissa Marsh said...

Good luck with everything!

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