Monday, March 22, 2010

Guest Blogger - Sara Taney Humphreys

I'd like to welcome Sara Taney Humphreys. She's blogging today about the Musical Marketing Muse.

Musical Marketing Muse

Soundtracks for movies and television shows are standard. In fact, a really great movie or show is often instantly associated with kick ass music. Well thanks to my old college buddy and DJ John Campbell...I found the soundtrack for Book 2 in my shifter series.

Actually, I had been in a major writing rut. Completely blocked. Book 2, Amoveo Heart was not coming to me as easily as the first book did. At any rate, John wanted to interview me on his weekly radio show and had gotten some musicians who were willing to let me use their music as an intro for the interview. He sent me the links and the second song I listened to stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe it. It was as though this song was written just for the heroine in Book 2. Amazing! The combination of the lyrics and her hauntingly beautiful voice were absolute perfection. I immediately contacted the artist and asked if I could use her song for Amoveo Heart's book trailer. Gratefully both she and her record label said yes!

Then I had an idea to take it a step further. Luckily, she is located not far from me and as a new musician is looking for new opportunities for exposure. Why not have her play at my book launch/signing? Gratefully she agreed. Amy played at a couple of my book signing events and it really brought a great bit of texture to the signings.

The song that sparked my creative juices and woke up my muse is called "Honey on the Skin". You can find Amy Petty and her spectacular music on her website .
John connected me with another awesome musical muse. The Strike Nineteens. TSN are a band of adorable guys from Scotland. Ladies...think William Wallace/Braveheart accent....yummy. Their music is gritty and intense. These darlings actually wrote me two songs! One of which will be on their new album "Screams for Denver" which will be released this Spring. I look forward to checking them out LIVE when they come to the USA later this year.

You can check out their music at

Cross marketing with music is fun and a little outside the box...just the way I like it.

Sara Taney Humphreys


Julianne MacLean said...

Interesting topic Sara. And I love your cover. Just gorgeous.

Renee Field said...

What a great blog. I love that you use music to inspire and develop your writing. Music plays a big part in my life and I randomly search for new muscians to help me get past my writing ruts. Off to buy your book now and wishing you mega sales!

bevp said...

What a great idea, Sara. Sounds like a lot of fun too. And congratulations on your new book (beautiful cover!)

Pamela Callow said...

I tend to have one or two songs that speak to me for each book, as well. It's great you can use the music in your trailers and for your launch. Congrats on your book, Sara.


maxx said...

I have an mp3 player specifically for when I write with sub folders for romance, angst, energy, etc etc. I find it really helps me get in whatever mood I need for a particular scene.

Julia Smith said...

I would find it a huge challenge to write without music playing. It immediately places me in my writer's cave, as well as energizes me to go, go, go.

Your crossover experience with these musicians is so exciting. What an honor to have someone write a song based on your characters.

Kelly Boyce said...

I'm the complete opposite. I need silence when I'm writing. But sometimes I'll listen to certain songs before I write to get me in a particular mood. I'm more visual though, I'll look at paintings or photographs to get me into my story.

Annette Gallant said...

Congratulations on your new book, Sara!

I'm like Kelly in that I usually write in silence, but will listen to certain songs before I write.

Anyway, interesting topic! :)

Sara Taney Humphreys said...

Thanks so much for having me as a guest blogger! Music can conjure up such fantastic, vivid images....definitely helps me with my writing.
Thanks again ladies!

scotialassie said...

music is so powerful. If it can bring us to tears, it makes sense that it can inspire us to be creative. Choosing the right music for your trailer is important as people associate one with the other. Glad you found the right thing (s), the right fit. Lovin' the cover of your book.

Lilly Cain said...

Sorry I am late commenting, but thanks for such a great post! I've been stuck lately and you've just reminded me how I enjoyed listening to certain songs before I wrote parts of the last book - must do that again!


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Nice one sara..