Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Body Sculpt Boot Camp – Part Two

Since the first workout boot camp I did went so well, I figured I would do another one for July and August to keep me motivated. Also, with J and I spending a week in PEI near the beach (is there anywhere in PEI not near a beach?) with his son, I thought I might like to be in bathing suit shape.

I have to admit, after the first boot camp ended I grew a little slack with the workouts. I didn’t stop, but 6 days a week looked more like 4 and the strength training took the biggest hit. So when my trainer told me she was doing another Body Sculpt Boot Camp, I signed up. It was either that or get Tommy Europe from The Last 10 lbs Boot Camp to whip my butt into shape and I'm guessing I can't afford him.

My workout calendar for the next 5 weeks looks a bit brutal. I have something going on each day, although the Saturday Yoga is optional. To me, yoga is like ‘rest’ day. I don’t feel depleted after doing yoga. Usually I feel like I’m ready to do more.

So here’s a basic overview of what it’s going to take to whip my butt (and thighs and arms and abs) into shape between now and the end of July:

Sun – two softball games
Mon – Cardio / Lower Body strength training / Abs
Tues – Yoga
Wed – Body Sculpt Boot Camp Class
Thurs – Yoga
Fri – Cardio / Upper Body strength training / Abs
Sat – Yoga (optional)

I think that should do the trick. Now I just have to revamp the diet to work in tandem. That’s always the biggest challenge for me. I do like my food…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: The writing is going great. I worked out a plan for the rest of the year and my revisions to Salvation Falls are bopping right along – I’m already halfway through. This month I’ve also been busy, rearranging furniture and coordinating what goes, what stays, etc. to make room for J’s stuff when he moves in this weekend. That’s pretty much all done.

Now I’m just counting the days until vacation. I have a little mini vacation the first few days in July to make for a 5 day weekend, but it isn’t until the first of August I get any real time off. I’m REALLY looking forward to it. I’m taking a stack of books to continue my plan of working through as much of my TBR pile as humanly possible this year.

And that is what’s been going on. What’s new with you?


Toni Anderson said...

Damn, I just ate chocolate and now I feel guilty!

Anonymous said...

That's quite the workout schedule {:0

Yay that your revisions are going great!

Anne MacFarlane said...

I need a nap just reading that. This time of year when it gets hot and humid the only way to exercise is in an air conditioned gym - or the beach.

Tess said...

Wow - after a few months of that routine, yeah, you'll be in bikini shape :)

I was just watching Tommy Europe this morning (while on the elliptical) on his other show, Bulging Brides. He's a tough taskmaster, that's for sure, but does seem to get results!!

Great to hear your revisions are going well :)

Melissa Marsh said...

Good luck with the workouts. I try and go at least three times a week to my gym (it's like Curves, but NOT Curves...).

I'm looking forward to vacation time, too, though I don't get it until September!

Trisha said...

I keep saying I'm gonna exercise but something else comes up. Stick with it! And, good luck with your revisions.

Annette Gallant said...

Looking at that top photo, I have abs envy!

Good luck with the new booty camp. I know you'll give it your usual 110%.

And yay on the revisions! I need to follow your lead and get the lead out on mine.