Monday, April 27, 2009

The New Look

I've finally made it around to changing the look of the blog over to something more spring-like. Actually this one is called Summer Breeze. What can I say, I'm looking ahead.

I have managed to catch my first cold in five years. Not impressed. I think the stress of late suppressed my immune system and germy boy from work coughed his illness all over my pod. I'm considering his punishment as I type this. Not sure what it will be but needless to say it will be something vile and painful and there will likely be bamboo chutes involved at some point. Thankfully, I had some Cold Fx at home and as soon as I thought the cold might be coming on, I started popping them to head it off. It didn't stop the cold completely but it kept it from being a lot worse than it could have been. I'm starting to feel better, although my nose is still on fire and the sleepless night didn't help much. I stayed home from work today to rest and medicate and get rid of the last of it.

Thanks to the cold, I didn't get out to get the gardens cleaned out as planned despite the first really nice weekend we've had in a while. Sigh... I will get it done. I am determined to restore them to their former glory this summer if it kills me. But I have to do it soon. Things are starting to pop up and grow. I need to get cracking before the ugly stuff takes over the good stuff and I forget what's there.

The writing is going good. I've finished my read through of ITS and storyboarded it. Now I have to write the synopsis (oh joy) and prep the first 30 pages for a few contests I've decided to enter.

The workout bootcamp is now over. We did our final measurements and weigh-in and I'm happy to report it turned out to be a success. I didn't make my intended goal but I did pretty good, so I'm happy about that. Shrinkage all the way around and enough knowledge on what I need to do to keep it going in a downward direction.

And that is about all the news there is for now. It's been a busy month just not an overly exciting one.


Melissa Marsh said...

Hugs on the cold. I really don't want to catch one at this point and there's a guy wandering around the office with one. Hope he keeps his distance.

Bonnie Ferguson said...

(((Kelly))) Hope you feel better soon.

The new blog look is lovely :)

Cat Schield said...

Nothing fun about a spring cold. I hope you feel better soon. I like the new look. The spring theme sure makes up for the gray and brown days before the daffodils and tulips pop.

Julia Smith said...

'Germy boy from work coughed his illness all over my pod. I'm considering his punishment as I type this.' - LOL!! Can I watch...? I'm sure you'll do it with style.

MJFredrick said...

Pretty new blog! Feel better!

You won Trish's book yesterday! Email your snail mail to me at mfechter @ gmail dot com and I'll send it out this weekend.

maxx said...

Very pretty colours!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Hope you're feeling better.

The new spring look is nice and fresh. Wish I had someone to do all that spring yard work for me.

Tess said...

Hope you're feeling all better by now! And congrats on the bootcamp results :)

LOVE the new blog look!

Annette Gallant said...

Hope you feel better soon! My son also has a bad one. I hope he doesn't infect the rest of us.

Like the new look. Very spring-like!