Saturday, November 08, 2008

Book Review: Sun Stroked by Cathryn Fox

What better time for a summer escape than chilly November?

And there is no better escape to an exotic--or should I say erotic?--locale than
Cathryn Fox's Sun Stroked.

Three beautiful women, three scrumptiously handsome military men, and enough fantasies to keep you toasty warm until the snow melts. Sun Stroked consists of three novellas, one for each woman determined to immerse herself in her own personal fantasy, only to discover their fantasies are soon to become reality, a reality far hotter and sexier than anything they could have dreamed up in their imagination. Each story stands on its own, mixing the erotic with the emotional in a way that keeps Ms. Fox's readers coming back for more.

And did I mention the magic elixir...?

So if you want a steamy read, delve into the fantasies of Danielle, Lauren and Abby and let the O Spa work its magic on a cold winter's night.


Julia Smith said...

Hmm...sounds scorchy. Just the way I likes 'em.

I completely crapped out on NaNo this week - I've had the flu since Heather Osborn was here. Had to lay down...

But now I'm back at it. Go, Kelly, go!

Amy Ruttan said...

I hear you're doing awesome at NaNo! I haven't got off to a good start, edits have loomed.

Edits always seem to hit me hard in November. *sigh*

Renee Field said...

hate NaNo - not going to worry about it. Love your new blog. Like the fresh look - Renee