Friday, May 09, 2008

Too Many To Choose From

I printed off the Conference Workshop Schedule. Oiy.

Why is it that the workshops I want to attend are always stacked in the same time slot? It’s like some sort of conference conspiracy. There are always so many great workshops it’s hard to narrow them down. It’s even harder when you have to choose between two or three that you feel would really benefit you and try to determine which one will help you the most at this particular time. Our chapter buys the Conference CDs so I know I can always listen to the ones I miss, but there is something energizing about being there in person that you can’t always get from the CD.

It starts off with the first set of workshops. Do I choose How To Layer and Texture Your Novel for High Impact? Or, Dialogue: Writing Between the Lines? If I pick the Layering workshop it runs two hours. Which means I’ll have to miss out on Susan Elizabeth Phillips' workshop in hour two where she reveals the Six Magic Words for writing the best seller. Given that I’m a huge SEP fan, I think I’m going to have to miss the layering, go for the dialogue and pick up another similar workshop on Friday about Layering the Story Concept.

Alright...that one's figured out. But then Friday morning I have to choose between an always inspiring chat with Debbie Macomber, the Spotlight on St Martin’s Press and Writing for the Historical Market. Now given that two Avon authors and an Avon editor are giving the workshop on the Historical market, and I writing mostly historical…sigh…I’ll have to miss Debbie and St Martin’s. Okay, two decisions made.

Saturday is where things start to get dicey. Do I (a) Pump Up My Productivity, (b) learn more about Scene & Sequel, or (c) swing by Writing Regency Historicals in the Here & Now. As much as I want to do (c), I think (a) will be a better use of my time since I’m already doing the historical workshop on Friday and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to be more productive.

Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm is the real toughie. I’m writing a 4 book series and Susan Mallery is giving a workshop on the Arc of the Trilogy. Unfortunately it is at the same time Stephanie Bond is telling us how to make a living from writing the romance novel, Avon is doing a spotlight, agents are revealing 5 pearls of wisdom for career success and Elizabeth Boyle and her husband are enlightening us on project-planning. Ahhh!! This one will take some serious thought. All four of these workshops would be useful asap.

The afternoon gets worse at 4:30 when I’m forced to pick between The Three-Act Structure, Writing the Synopsis and the Seven Secrets for a Successful Novel. Given how badly I suck at writing synopses, I should go for that one, but I want to learn more about the 3 Act Structure, and who couldn’t use 7 secrets?? And then there is the Bantam Dell spotlight…

My head is spinning.

And I haven't even figured out what dress I'm wearing on Saturday night. Do I go with the little black dress I wore the last time? Or the more flattering but not quite as dressy red number where I won't have to worry about holding in my stomach. Or ditch both and go with the less dressy black dress that looks smashing. Oh good gawd. How am I suppose to figure all this out in only two and a half months??

I think I need a drink.


Anne MacFarlane said...

I'm so envious. San Francisco, famous authors, editors, agents... You are going to have a blast.

Elizabeth Boyle said...

You can always get the conference tapes! And I would be too modest to suggest that our workshop would be the better choice live--since we are giving out handouts only to those in attendance.....

Elizabeth Boyle said...

I was joking up there. All of these workshops would be great, and I was a little piqued not to get to go to the Avon spotlight. ;)

Amy Ruttan said...

I know, I know. I haven't even started looking and I know that I should.

It was bad enough picking that One editor and One agent to pitch too. *sigh*

Annette said...

The conference sounds awesome. Kind of wish I was going so maybe next year.

Hope the agent/editor meetings work out for you! :-)

Dixie Belle said...

Make sure you take some sleeping pills! LOL

Tess said...

Wow - they ALL sound like such great sessions. I guess I better start saving pennies for the CDs again.

As for what to wear, I always vote for the one wherein one doesn't have to worry about holding in one's tummy!