Friday, May 02, 2008

Mission Accomplished

For the first time in I don't remember how long, I have reached my weekly goal. And I managed to do it in three days. Not too shabby. I feel vindicated. I gave myself a stern talking to this week and said, 'Self, this is getting ridiculous. You've been whining about these revisions for too long. It's time to shut yer yap, buckle down, and get this job done. Forget worrying about where your writing mojo has gone. Forget about the time that has passed since you got the request. Just slap on the blinders and get your focus back.'

So that's what I did. I put my goal this week as revising 30 pages. That brings me to page 375. Just 25 left to go. I'll finish those next week. Then its just the read through and final clean up to go (and the writing of the dreaded synopsis but I refuse to think about that until the last minute). And off to Berkley this thing goes. Then it will be agent querying for about two weeks, and then finally I get to move onto a new project.

Well, okay, an old project, but I've been away from Outlaw Bride long enough that it'll feel semi-new. And with news that westerns are being looked at again, I don't want to lose the opportunity that might be out there to find this story a home.

Things feel bright and more optimistic now that I actually accomplished a goal.

And in other good news - it looks like I'll be joining an over 35 women's soccer league. I played in high school and to this day it is my favorite sport to play. I can't wait to get back at it. Hopefully I haven't lost too many of my skills. Thankfully I've managed to stay in pretty good shape so I'm hoping things will come back without too much pain or difficulty. Either way, I'm just really excited about the prospect of getting back out on the field with the ball. They play on Sunday nights, which means I'll have 2 softball games Sunday morning, and then soccer at night.

That should make Monday rather interesting...


Julia Smith said...

Good to hear about your revisions being almost done. And soccer - is that something you can do while mentally working on your story...? ;-)

Kelly Boyce said...

Uh no. Not unless you relish getting a soccer ball shot to the noggin.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Yeah!on reaching your goal this week Kelly. My goal is so far away I can't even see it through the mess that is my story.

The soccer sounds fun.

Tess said...

Yay you!!!!! Good to hear :) Cool re the soccer team. I'm hopeless at soccer - much better at individual sports *g*.

I've noticed how big Westerns are again - fingers crossed for you that you sell now!

Lexi said...


Annette said...

Yay on being close to the end!!

And good for you on the soccer. Between it and softball, it sounds like you won't be worried about getting your exercise in. :-)

Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats on finishing your task. That always feels great.

And wow soccer that's so cool. It's been so long since I played.