Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Hump Day Round Up

First off, I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately and one reoccurring theme seems to be vampires. And these aren't just short, disjointed dreams either. They're epic in nature. The kind where you wake up and feel the dream had been going on for hours.

And last night I had a dream where I kept getting asked for ID. The strange thing was, the ID I had to show wasn't a laminated card with my picture, or thumb print or something as high tech as a retinal scan. No. I had to show them the red nail polish on my toes. And every time I did they would go, "Ooohhh, yes of course, Ms. Boyce, please come right in." Even I can't decipher the meaning out of that one. Other than I really do like my lovely red toes and perhaps I have some deeply buried need to share them with the world.

Brimstone is motoring along. I've edited 30 pages so far this week and feel like I'm back on track. I find I am also getting itchy to get back and clean up Outlaw Bride to prep that for sending out too. But first I need to finish Brimstone and get agent query letters done. Hopefully by mid-March I'll be ready to tackle TOB again.

Meanwhile, I am trying to think up an educational session for one of our chapter meetings and I am toying with the idea of using 'self help' books as a way of delving deeper into your characters. It's still in the embryonic stages of thought right now, but we'll see what develops. I'm not a big reader of self-help books but I'll dig around and see if I can find some that might be useful for what I have in mind.

And I have switched up my work-outs. The idea of an entire hour on the treadmill or strength-training just seemed too boring to contemplate so I'm breaking it up. I'll do a half hour run on the treadmill and then do 20 minutes of strength training. I cannot wait until the weather improves and the time changes so I can get outside for my walks again. Working inside is boring. I'd rather go hike up a hill than do three sets of squats.

The guitar lessons are going great. I'm learning to switch between G, C and D a little more quickly if perhaps not with the greatest of accuracy. I'm going out tonight to get a new acoustic guitar. The one I have is almost as old as me and it doesn't sound so great. For next week our instructor has asked us to bring in 5 songs each and she will chord them for us. I'm trying to narrow it down from the 8 I have picked. I think I'm leaning towards Indifference by Pearl Jam, a couple of Blue Rodeo tunes, The Apology by Tracy Chapman, and Stay by Sugarland.

And there you have it. The Hump Day Round Up.

By the way, when searching for pictures on Google...perhaps typing in 'hump day' was not the best idea. I'm just saying...


kacey said...

LOL on searching for hump day!

Your red nail polish dream was just...strange *g

It was 70 here yesterday and I got to walk outside. So nice. though it fell 58 degrees yesterday, down into the teens!

Lexi said...

I had a dream last night that I was my heroine, except I was running from the bad guys...on a train. Someone (the hero, maybe?) gave me a gun and I stared at it and asked, "What am I supposed to do with this?" When I woke up this morning, I was exhausted!

Annie Mac said...
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Annie Mac said...

Strange dream Kelly. I rarely dream. Or, if I do, I don't remember.

Thanks for the google tip - but now I actually feel compelled to try it.

Melissa Marsh said...

My dreams lately have been epic in nature, as well, though I'm not sure why.

Annette said...

LOL Good to know I'm not the only one who has wacky dreams!

Congrats on the new guitar. It sounds like the lessons are going well. Good for you!! :-)

Toni Anderson said...

LOL at the dreams, nail polish and 'hump day'

The guitar sounds great. keep it up! And I can't wait for the weather to break either. Please please please!!

julia said...

Hey - vampire dreams could be a good thing, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

LOL on the google search! }:)