Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Who Stole My Holiday MoJo?

Ah yes, December. The month of crushing crowds and stress and -- dare I say it-- way too many baked goods. The month where the diet and exercise take a back seat and the only work out you get is shoving the goodies into your gaping maw and chowing down like it's your last meal. The month where you threaten to cut through the hordes of people blocking your way to the 50% off sale rack with a machete whilst smiling through your gritted teeth wishing everyone near you the best of the season.

December. The month where your family tries to decide who gets the single person this year and actually make you feel guilty when you suggest perhaps, just maybe, you'd like to spend a quiet Christmas in your own humble abode away from all the noise and insanity and stop up periodically over the holidays to visit. The month where they remind you that as the only single person left in the family and with no family of your own you are therefore mobile. And you must be the one to keep the parents happy by providing them with at least one child to grace their home on Christmas morning. And no, it doesn't matter what you want or that you have hit forty and are no longer a child. You are their child, that is apparently all that is required.

Yes, December. The twelfth month. The only month of the year that seems purposely set aside for the sole purpose of reminding you with its family gatherings and parties that require dates and good cheer and fa-la-la-la-la-ing that you are single, and somehow in the eyes of Society, that is wrong. And forty and single (insert swift intake of breath here) - why that is just...why...(horrified whisper)...there are

Ah, yes. December is on par with Valentine's Day in that way. Except Valentine's Day thankfully only lasts 24 hours and therefore can be slept through. December, not so much.

People ask me why I don't get excited over Christmas anymore.

Hmm...I wonder?


Bailey Stewart said...

As the single person, and the one whose family is either not speaking to her, or scattered too far away - I'd trade you. It beats not wanted any day. *gg*

And I'm about to start my baking, there goes the diet.

Lexi said...

Aw, Kelly, I hope you manage to find some happiness this Christmas. Hey! Next year us single gals should go away together for Christmas and become our own family! That way we avoid the sympathy we don't need.

I may be the crazy one. I'm still managing to diet! Then again, the treats and baked goods haven't come out in full force yet...

Rene said...

I'm sorry to hear the season is so unpleasant for you. You should make your own traditions that have nothing to do with your family and are meaningful to you. Maybe volunteer at a shelter or a rest home? There are a lot of seniors that are alone at this time, they would definitely appreciate you.

Annie Mac said...

Since I'm single with kids I get to at least stay in my own home. My kids are busier than I am because they have my family and their father's to spend time with.

The nice thing is, I get down time to go to a movie or lunch with my single sister who visits from Toronto.

Annette said...

I love Christmas, but there's so much hype and fuss made over it that my stress level is higher than any other time of year, mostly from juggling all the family dynamics.

And even though I'm married with kids, I still don't get to spend Christmas in my own home, which irks me but I've learned to just deal with. But someday....

As for the diet, I was thinking of joining WW this week but then gave my head a shake. Lots of time to do that AFTER the holidays.

Anyway, I hope you do enjoy the holidays, despite it all. I find once Christmas Day hits, things improve. It's the days leading into it that are the roughest.

Dixie Belle said...

I would be happy if I could skip over December.