Tuesday, September 18, 2007

10 Things I Like That Start With "C"

Julie tagged me on this memo, so here we go.

Ten things I like that start with "C".

1. Cooper – the gold standard in canines if ever there was one.

2. Craig - My brother. He’s provided me with 40 years of entertainment so he gets the #2 spot.

3. Christian Bale – Seriously? Like there was any question he’d show up on the list?? And I’d list here what I like about him, but it would take a while and I have a meeting shortly and let’s be honest, it would just deteriorate into me blabbering and drooling and, well, that’s just not pretty any way you look at it.

4. Crap – It’s my favorite swear word and one of the few that doesn’t get me in trouble with my mother. Sometimes I like to fancy it up and say Crapola. Like it’s a foreign language or something.

5. Crayons – Especially the big box with 64 or more. I always wanted that box as a kid but all I ever got was the box of 7 or 8. My artistic vision was hindered by my mother’s thriftiness. There was simply no reasoning with her that sometimes brown just won’t do. You need sienna.

6. Catastrophe – Not so much an actual catastrophe, but the word. It’s fun to say. Try it. Throw a little drama into it. I’m telling you, it beats a mild little ‘oh no, really?’ any day of the week. Next time someone tells you something that happened to them, throw your arms up and yell ‘Catastrophe!’ See what happens.

7. Crazy – Because who couldn’t use a little crazy? And if you're going to go around yelling "Catastrophe" you might want to become familiar with the term.

8. Corneas – I especially like the fact that they can be lasered back to perfection.

9. Crisp – as in crisp autumn afternoons when the leaves have changed to brilliant oranges, reds and yellows. Or for those of you who had the 64 box of crayons – bright titian, claret and amber.

10. Cuba – Because every time I think of Cuba it reminds me of the trip Maxx and I took where on the last day after our luggage had been taken up to be stuck in the airport bus we got caught in a rain storm. Drenched we ran back to our room and tried to dry our clothes by sticking them on the ceiling fan. Want to know what a wet bra sounds like as it spins around twice and then goes flying out the sliding deck doors? Fwap, fwap, schwing!

So there you have it. Let me know if you feel like being tagged on this and I’ll send you your very own letter.


annette said...

Great list!

LOL I remember when I finally got the 64 pack of crayons, with the built-in sharpener. Man, thought I had it made. Favourite colour? Bronze. Used it whenever I could.

julia said...

"8. Corneas – I especially like the fact that they can be lasered back to perfection."
LOL Kelly!!
And I was frankly surprised that Christian Bale got third billing, until I realized who numbers 1 and 2 were.
Love your whole list!

Melissa Marsh said...

You know, there's a definite difference between Crayola crayons and the generic kind. Crayola is definitely the best!

Julie S said...

Love the list! I guess I inherently knew that C would be a good letter for you.