Thursday, May 31, 2007

The End is Near

I've been making progress with my writing this week. I've reached the big love scene, which was part of the plotting issue I was having. There were two places I could have had it happen, and trying to figure out which worked best proved a bit of a headache, but I think I've got it in the right place now. However, since I was experiencing a bit of a roadblock with my writing, I did what I normally do in cases like that. I moved upstairs to the couch with my Alphie and my notebook. The first part of the scene I wrote on the Alphie. When I started to blank out though, I switched to the notebook and that's what I've been working on for the past two days. My work is slower, but it makes me think more about what I'm putting down which in this case works better. I feel like I've stopped running in sand though and am back on solid ground.

I am also in the last day of the pedometer challenge - whew! It was beginning to feel like this day would never get here. I'll be happy to return to my regular 5.5K walk in the evenings instead of walking every spare minute I was upright. Oddly enough, I haven't lost a bloody pound, but my legs feel as solid as tree trunks and I swear to God you could bounce a quarter off my ass. So I tell myself I'm merely exchanging muscle for fat.

Unfortunately, after all that hard work, I don't think I'm going to win the challenge. Each of our offices across the country sent in their office averages and top three highest steppers. My office was in the lead, and the top spot for individuals was a close race between me and another lady in Ontario. Unfortunately two days ago I learned a guy in our Mississauga office apparently had an average of 30,000 steps a day. I went back to the sheets that were sent out. How had I missed that? Turns out I missed it because the Mississauga office never reported their totals either time the sheet went out. And now, with only 4 days left, there was no way I could catch up to overtake 30,000 steps. Which was disappointing. It would have been nice to have had that information back on the 13th when the first totals went out so I at least knew what I was up against. Some suggested that now I could at least kick back and relax. If I couldn't catch up with him why kill myself trying. Oddly the thought never even entered my mind. I figured, if I was going down, then I was going down swinging, and I upped my daily totals from 23,000 steps on average to 28,000 steps. I may not catch up to him, in fact I know I won't if his total really is 30,000 steps, but damned if I'm just going to roll over and die without at least trying.

In other news, I finished Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, Match Me If You Can last night. As some of you might recall I had tried to read it before after finishing Ain't She Sweet and loving it. But I couldn't get into Match Me. So I tried the book on CD, thinking maybe that would help, but, well turns out books on CD aren't my thing. Then I read Natural Born Charmer. And I loved it. So, I decided to try Match Me again. And I'm glad I did. It was great. So great that I don't even know why I couldn't get into it in the first place. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. Have you ever had that happen? Pick up a book and not be able to get into it, and then go back and read it later and have it be the best book you've ever read?

And so that is what I've been up to this week. Walking, reading and writing. Although I just picked up the first season of the HBO series Carnivale on DVD from the library, and now that I'll have my evenings back, I'm going to kick my feet up and watch the circus freaks. After reading Water for Elephants (awesome book!) I'm obsessed with the Big Top.


annette said...

I love your 'can do' attitude, Kelly! Glad you're feeling like you're back on solid ground again.

That's annoying that you didn't have accurate numbers to go by, but I think you kicked butt in the challenge anyway. :-)

Melissa Marsh said...

Yeah, I've had that problem where I'll pick up a book, can't get into it, and not try it again for months and sometimes even years. Weird.

julia said...

"Carnivale" is one of my favourite miniseries. I could not get enough of it. Really loved Clancy Brown. Actually, all the performances are solid.

Brad S. said...

Kelly, I was really pulling for you in the pedometer challenge. I think that's really underhanded of the Mississauga office to withhold information. It is not a level playing field that way. Boo!!! I'm glad to here you're going out fighting.

Thanks, for adding me to your sidebar.

Annie Mac said...
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Annie Mac said...

I think that guy in Mississauga is playing with you. They're sneaky up there. Look at the way they spell the name of the city - kind of like Mississippi but not. Trickery.

7:23 PM

Tess said...

Yay on writing progress :)

Boo on the hidden pedometer guy. I think you're a winner!

And yeah, I've done that with books - tried them once and just not managed to get into them, then gone back and found I loved them. Pride and Prejudice for one (though I think I was about 11 the first time I tried, which might explain it).

Kelly said...

Turns out someone at the beginning of the challenge told Mississauga guy that the Hfx office would win and he made it his personal mission to take us on. Which, can't fault him for that - it's nice to know we're a threat! Apparently he looks like death after 31 days of it, so maybe the Ipod will revive him.

Julie S said...

Wow, even if you don't win, I'm in awe of how well you've done! I haven't been able to bounce a quarter off my ass since high school.

Glad to hear your writing is on solid ground. Have a great week!