Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thank God You're Here!

I kept seeing the scenes for this show on NBC and thought I would check it out. It seemed a pretty funny idea, toss an actor into a costume with no explanation, then make them go through a door into a scene with no script and no idea what is going on. The first thing out of one of the other actors mouth is, "Thank God you're here!" And then the actor thrown into the scene has to ad lib with the other actors who have a script.

Since it's on the same time as 24, I taped it and watched it last night. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face and thought I was going to cack up a lung. This is the funniest show I've ever seen. Unfortunately I screwed up taping and only got the first episode and not the one they showed afterwards that had Jason Alexander on it. But if you like a good laugh, definitely check this out.

In other news, I joined the Beaumonde group the other day, so I'm pretty excited about that. A wealth of information there that I can definitely use. And I finally got a definitive answer on is Mr. Kane actually referred to as Mr. Kane or does he have some courtesy title, blah blah blah. Man the English and their titles can get confusing at times.

This week, I need to shrink 100 pages down into about 60, which means blending and multi-tasking my scenes. I think I know how I'm going to do it. I have about 3 chapters of 20 pages each before I'm at the end of Act II.

The Easter holiday whizzed by. Friday was mostly a veg day, which was nice. Then Saturday I went to my first running clinic class. That was fun. We ran a minute, walked a minute and thankfully by the end of it I wasn't feeling winded, so I'm pretty sure I can do this no problem. Will I be ready for a 5K in 6 weeks? Hard to say, but I'll decide at week 5 if I feel ready and go from there. If not, there is a run in June that I can do. Later on Saturday we got a pile of snow dumped on us. The weather gods...oh how they mock me. So Sunday Easter dinner in Truro got cancelled and rescheduled to Monday. Good thing my company gave us Monday off or I'd have been out an Easter dinner.

And that's about all there is to report. Slow news week really. Hope everyone had a great long weekend!


Bailey Stewart said...

I only saw the last half-hour of it - was there two episodes? because I didn't see Jason Alexander. I did see Tom Arnold. I thought it was funny.

Good luck on the shrinking.

Maxx said...

That show looked really funny but I didn't get what day it was on.

And what the heck is Beaumonde?

Re: Easter dinner. Hmph. Nuff said.

julia said...

I'll have to let my husband know about that show - I think he'll love it!

Glad you are enjoying your running clinic. Isn't it great when you discover a whole new world? I felt that way when I started gardening.

Melissa Marsh said...

This looks like a hilarious show.

I thought about joining the Beau Monde for years and never got around to it. I imagine they have tons of info, though, so good for you!

Kelly said...

Maxx - Beau Monde is a specialty RWA chapter that is geared towards writers who write in the Regency era.

Thank God You're Here is on Monday on NBC at 9 PM EST (that's 10 PM ATL time). I didn't see Tom Arnold. Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld), the father from Malcolm in the Middle, Jennifer Coolidge and another guy were on the episode I saw. Wayne Knight and the Malcolm in the Middle dad were the funniest. I thought I was going to hyperventilate myself I was laughing so hard.

Christine said...

I missed this but will try and find it next week. I love improve and it really looked funny.

Julie S said...

How did I miss previews for that show? I am so out of the loop on TV these days.

Sorry to hear about the snow. Yuck :-(

Bebe Thomas said...

I love, love, love this show. I saw the episode with Mo'Nique. Gawd, it was fun-ny!

Michelle Willingham said...

I saw the promos for the show and it did look funny! I'll try to catch it. :)