Monday, April 23, 2007

Blogger Goes MIA

My blogging was MIA last week. Much apologies to my regular visitors. It was one of those weeks where there weren't enough days in the week and hours in the day. As it was, there wasn't much to talk about, other than to pop in and say I was busy. So here's the quick and dirty update and hopefully I'll have something more exciting to report.

The writing is still going full steam ahead. I'm making progress, about 2 - 3 chapters a week. I'm cutting as I go in my edits and so far I think I'm on track word count wise. The last third of the book is where the crunch is going to happen, but if I can at least reach that point on target then I'm a bit a head of the game.

My work is doing a country wide pedometer challenge beginning May 1st and going until May 31st. Most of my office is going to do it. The person to beat will be one of my bosses who is training for a marathon, so I'm already strategizing on how I can beat is step count when he's running long distances at least once a week. I've suggested he might want to start taking longer strides, meanwhile I'll be baby stepping it everywhere.

The running is going great. Coach Christine had me out again yesterday for a run. Now that we actually have some sunshine and spring-like weather, I can't wait to get outside at the end of the day.

Two weeks until our annual writers' retreat in May. I can't wait. Last year was such a blast and this year is lining up to be another great three day extravaganza of educational sessions, writing exercises and brainstorming. Not to mention the food and vino.

I also took my annual trip to the psychic on Wednesday. I got to her every year. The woman is freaky accurate about things. Anyway, writing-wise everything sounds amazing and that's always great news. Love life? Well, that's a little more complicated, but still not bad news. Overall I walked out of there feeling great. I call it my annual therapy session. Wonder if I can get that covered on my medical insurance...

Oh, and I have decided to get my eyeballs lasered this year, probably closer to the end of the year. I've been wanting to do it for the past decade and now that it's more affordable, I'm finally going to get it done.

And that was last week in the news.


Melissa Marsh said...

I am scared silly about the whole laser thing. If they make a mistake, it's my eyesight, y'know? I know that mistakes aren't common, but still...

Annie Mac said...

Congratulations on getting through your revisions ahead of schedule.

I think laser eye surgery is the BOMB!

Rene said...

I'm a good candidate for laser, but I love glasses. It's the nerd in me.

Glad your hiatus was for good stuff and not bad.

Christine said...

Congrats with the revisions! I'd love to the the laser eye thing, but I'm a big chicken. A poor chicken, but one none the less. :)