Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who Are These People & What Are They Doing?

My characters are confused. They are ambling about and getting nowhere near achieving their goals. In fact, I think they may have forgotten what they were. They are now lost and prone to wandering. Luckily they bump into each other at frequent intervals and seem well acquainted, but they don’t seem to be moving beyond that point.

I had planned on just writing this first draft flat out without any editing, and I still think that is possible, but I’ve hit a point where I’m 250 pages in and nowhere near far enough into the plot of the story to justify the page count. If I keep this up, I’ll have a behemoth of a manuscript on my hands that will require severe editing.

So I am going to stop myself in my tracks, print off what I have so far, and create a timeline of events. Then I’m going to take another look at my outline and figure out where I went wrong. I think I just need to jiggle some things around, blend a few scenes, insert some new ones to further the plot and maybe nail down my GMCs for all the characters a little better. I think I have a clearer view of who these people are now and what their damage is, so I can go into the outline and map things out better.

Then I need to make a list of what I need to research. Things like old Victorian homes, how a library is run, and what the hell a circular saw is used for.

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Annie Mac said...

You would think a circular saw was used for making circles. Or is it shaped like a circle? And who names tools anyway? Black&Decker?

Michelle said...

This is exactly the stage I'm in, too. Ack. I'm printing it out today and trying to figure out what's wrong. Good luck with your draft!

julia said...

Word counts and a smoothly flowing plot are just other names for stepping on your creative toes. Well, okay, maybe they're frameworks, guideposts and useful tools to shape your work. But aren't first drafts a bit messy by nature?

Kelly said...

Messy? Yes. Unweildy 800 page monstrosities? No.

Tess said...

Timelines are great for plotting issues. I'm working on one myself. Hope yours helps with your plotting problems :-)

I can ask Sean what a circular saw is used for. I think he may even have one - but I can't remember for sure. He has so many tools *g*.

Rene said...

A circular saw is for cutting up your lumber for a construction project. It's called a circular saw because the blades are round. I think we have 2 or 3 of them.

I have to know the end before I can start a book. Don't know how they get there, but I do know where my characters are supposed to end up.

Good luck!

Melissa Marsh said...

I love that picture. :)

Kelly said...

Me too, Melissa. I don't know who that kid is, except that his name is Kyle, but he's too cute for words.

Christine said...

I'm having the opposite problem with my current WIP. I feel like I could wrap the whole think up in ten pages and I'm only 40k into it. I think I have it worked out now, but we'll see.

Maybe I can borrow some of your extra words?