Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh The Places We Will Go

I’m debating going to Dallas. Now that the mortgage refinance is in the process of being finalized and my debt about to be wiped clean (hallelujah!), I can now think about saving up for Dallas. I’d like to go, but it’s a bit contingent on how many of my chapter-mates plan on attending. I find my enjoyment seems to be in direct proportion to the number of people I drag with me. I missed last year’s conference. And I miss that I missed last year. But then I’m looking at 2008, and it’s in San Francisco, and I really, really, REALLY want to go to that one, maybe even go a little early and get in some sightseeing as well.

And then there’s England. I still plan on going there. I get an extra week of vacation in 2009 which means I could take two weeks for England and still have 2 weeks left. But 2009 seems so far away and I don't want to wait that long.

So the dilemma. Skip Dallas this year and save up for San Fran and England...or try to swing all three. Technically, I could probably swing all three if I really dug in and saved hard. But there’s some stuff to the house I want to do as well and I’m operating on a cash only basis from here on in to keep myself debt free, so putting any of it on credit is out of the question. I learned my lesson on that one. The hard way. A few times over. Credit cards are the devil. I have been cleansed of my sins.

Of course, if I were to sell before July then no question, I’d definitely go to Dallas. But that means getting off my posterior and getting those submissions out. (Note to self: get off posterior and get submissions ready this weekend.) And of course, if I don’t sell, then by going to Dallas I could hopefully do some networking, take some meetings, have my people call their people...make something happen. many variables. I must ponder.

Meanwhile, a few updates:

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a great day. Three of my buds that I used to work with swung by and surprised me at work which was really great. Then my Mom fed me baked salmon and apple crisp for supper. I was supposed to do something with a friend on the weekend but those plans fell through. Her kid was sick on Saturday and then on Sunday things didn’t pan out. So my 40th birthday weekend was pretty uneventful. Although I did refinance the mortgage and then partook in a little retail therapy.

I’ve spent this week up on the couch with Alphie, plowing through Finding Home and making good progress. It’s amazing how much I get written on the Alphie in the mornings. I’m pretty amazed when I transfer it over and watch the page count rack up. Not going back and editing until after I finish a chapter is definitely the way to go. Even if I hit a rough patch and just get down the bones of the story it’s all good, because I can go back and clean it up later. It’s wrecking hell on my regular blogging because I’m not on the computer in the morning, but I’m getting a lot done otherwise!

My sister is scheduled to go in for her C-section this Tuesday, so I’m about to be an aunt again for the fourth time. Looking forward to that. Being an aunt is such a low maintenance job. I highly recommend.

And a little news on the documentary – things are in the final stages from the sounds of it and so hopefully we’ll hear shortly on when Bravo will air it. Can’t wait!


Peggy said...

Big decision. I've always wanted to see San Francisco but if I had my choice I'd go to England. England is one of those once in a life time trips. At least it will be for me when I eventually get there. Hopefully you'll be able to manage all three though.

Anonymous said...

Tough decision, I know. I already had to make it, and, unless a miracle happens with my ms, I'll be passing on Dallas. Am aiming for SF as well - a cousin I haven't seen in over 20 years lives there plus I've always wanted to see SF.

Aah, England. Can't believe it's been over 11 years since we were there. One day we'll get back.

Congrats on all the work done on Alphie :-) And on the refinancing. That's always good to finalize.

yay on the documentary - can't wait to hear the date!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to aim for San Fan rather than Dallas. Even though I've made my first sale this year I don't think I have the cash to go. We'll have to see...

I love England. I've been there twice, but both times were for work. I really didn't get to see as much as I wanted to. I plan to go back again.

Erin said...


Been there, done that, already have plane tickets & hotel reservations for the return trip. Can't wait!

Glad you enjoyed the surprise visit last week. How was the cake? (you & CB DO make a cute couple... *G*)

Kelly said...

Ooohhh when are you going back to England?? Has England replaced Salem as the annual trek?

annette said...

I'd love to go to Dallas but I don't see it happening. San Francisco is a definite possibility though.

Hope all goes well for your sister on Tuesday. Are you having a niece or nephew? Or are they waiting to be surprised?

Kelly said...

The hospital doesn't tell you anymore what you're having apparently. I think it will be a boy though. But every now and then I get a feeling maybe a girl. I'm waiting to knit the booties until after Tuesday.

Erin said...

Flyin' out on May 30th, returning June 8th. And it would be really nice if it was replacing Salem, but I don't know if we can swing it financially for too many trips.

Although, we were thinking of popping down to Salem in September, since it's been two years. ;)

Anonymous said...

Being an aunt is such a low maintenance job. I highly recommend.

Wish I'd done that.

I'm with you, I'm wishy washy on Dallas but definitely on for San Francisco. If I sell before July, I should go, but I'm undecided.

Lexi said...

Oh, come on everybody! Dallas will be great! I missed Atlanta and I pretty much vowed that I could not miss another National (at least for a while). Although, England is grand! I'd swing all three if I could, but I think I'm ADHD and can't stand to be stuck in one place for too long.

Anonymous said...

Yep, a tough decision indeed. Maybe flip a coin?

Anonymous said...

That is a tough decision. But think of it this way - if you go to Dallas, you might meet dream agent/dream editor, sell a book, then have a new source of income to fund San Francisco AND England. Maybe???