Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, my birthday is still twenty days away, but I picked up my birthday present to myself at Staples today. One 17” LCD monitor to replace the sad, pathetic fourteen inch screen I’ve been working off of for the past fifteen years. I can’t wait to get home to set it up.

Meanwhile, I am working my way through my Golden Heart submissions. It’s a bit stressful trying to figure out the scoring and what to give and how to base it so that everyone is being treated fairly across the board as far as my own judging is concerned. But I have to say I am enjoying it. I’ll definitely volunteer to do it again.

I’ve also been giving some thought to my New Year’s resolutions. Actually, it’s not so much resolutions as it is goals and a plan of what I want to accomplish in the next year. I’m mulling it over and trying to see what I can reasonably fit into the next 12 months without making myself feel overloaded. Challenged is good. Overloaded is bad.

That’s my plan for this weekend. Devise my Attack Plan for 2007.


Anonymous said...

Let us know how you like that monitor!

I too have started my GH reading. Interesting so far. Can't really say much else about it.

Ah, yes, 2007 goals. Have to think about those. Especially as those for 2006 didn't quite go as planned. Hmmmm.

Michelle said...

Ooooh...a new monitor. Excellent idea!

Enjoy it!

Melissa Marsh said...

VERY nice monitor! I used to have a nice, flat screened monitor until the dumb thing conked out on me. I couldn't afford a new one, so had to get one of the big, bulky ones again.

Anonymous said...

A new monitor. Great gift and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy New Year!

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, my birthday gift to myself is on today's blog. Enjoy that monitor.

So, is that 20 days from the 28th, or counting the 28th, or ... you know I have to know these things!

Kelly said...

The big day is January 18th. There will likely be an exploding birthday cake on my blog.