Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Crazy Kind of Madness

Here’s a quick and dirty view of my days this week:

Get up. Shower.

Sit on my couch for 2 hours and beat my plot into submission.

Go to work where it has been insanely busy and work on big project they dumped in my lap and want done by Dec 31st.

Knit on lunch hour.

More work.

Come home, eat, start fire, knit until bedtime.


Wake up. Repeat.

I’m beginning to lose track of what day it is because they all look alike. On the plus side, had my year-end review, all good news, more money, even more than I had hoped for. My first thought – Yay! I can increase my grocery budget. Such a one track mind...

I also will be done all but one of my knitting projects and the one left unfinished is still half done so I can put that part in with a note that the rest of it is in the works and on the way.

And even better – I had a breakthrough in my plotting today and made some major headway. Whew. I was getting worried there for a minute.

So my plans over the holidays – organize my writing room in a big way. Prepare agent and editor submissions to send out. Try to write a chapter or two to make up the time I’ve lost plotting. Not that it was necessarily ‘lost’ time, but I’m behind schedule. And there is nothing more horrifying than a Capricorn who’s behind schedule.


annette said...

LOL OMG! I'm getting stressed just reading about your week, Kelly.

On the plus side, yay about the money and figuring out your plot.

Just curious-- did you figure out the plotting while knitting? I keep buying yarn (hoping to actually learn to knit one of these days)so that might be just the incentive I need to learn. :-)

Kelly said...

No. If my mind wanders when I knit, bad things happen. I'm not one of these people who can knit and do something else. It's like running on the treadmill and watching tv. I get caught up in the show and go flying off the treadmill.

Tess said...

I've discovered that too - I have to concentrate on my knitting, though I can watch tv at the same time as long as I'm careful.

And no wonder you're looking forward to your five days off! Whew, I'm tired just reading about your days.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're going through. I was teaching a class today and said something that I thought I'd said to them before. Nope, I was remembering the class I taught two weeks ago. *sigh*

I'm glad you had a break through with your plot. I hate it when I get stuck like that and can't seem to get past it. I have a stalled manuscript sitting on my computer for that very reason. I need to get back at that one soon.

Anonymous said...

Knitting is one of my goals for 2007. I can crochet but knitting confounds me. It's the purl stitch which gives me fits.

Anyway, your week sounds spooky. Good luck on everything.

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow. I had to take a breath after I finished reading this. Don't stress out TOO much! Just remember to breathe. :-)

Michelle said...

Best of luck getting the writing stuff ready for submission! I'm so jealous of the knitting. That's great!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything! It sounds like you have your hands full. Congrats on the review and raise!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are being productive. That is my intention this weekend!!