Monday, November 27, 2006

Getting to Know

Christine tagged me, so feel free to tag yourself. This one was fun.

Your Name: Kelly

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate with egg nog in it. Trust me. It’s DEEEE-LISH.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? If Santa had the audacity to just set the presents under the tree unwrapped, Santa would find his posterior sorely bruised by my foot.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? Uh...I think my tree lights are currently all white. They offset all the colorful handmade decorations.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Yes. Sadly I live alone so the best I can hope for is that Cooper will take pity and lick my face. Unfortunately, Cooper isn’t much for licking humans unless I first smear myself with ground beef. This is the pathetic state of my love life. Let’s all take a moment of silence, preferably to pray to the god of your choice that it turns around sometime soon.

5. When do you put your decorations up? I usually feel inspired around the second weekend in December.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? Anything that involves waffles and an egg nog latte.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: All of them really, for the most part. The only not so great Christmas was what would have been the last Christmas spent in my home town. We just didn’t know it at the time. I don’t like being away from home at Christmas, but that year we spent it at my grandmother’s. I wasn’t a happy camper. I had a bad feeling about it and a few weeks later found out we were moving and that would have been our last Christmas at home.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I remember around 5 saying to my brother, “You know, I’m not so sure about this whole Santa thing.” I always found where Mom hid the presents and couldn’t quite figure out what ‘extra’ was added to the stash, so it just wasn’t adding up to me. Blame my logical Capricorn brain. But Dad seemed so into it, writing us 'letters from Santa' in shaky old man handwriting, that I didn't have the heart to tell him the jig was up.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Nope. Never have. Never will. It negates the whole point of Christmas morning.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? Mostly with decorations. And a mix of Kenny & Dolly’s Christmas and A South Park Christmas playing in the background.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Hate it. Snow is just another word for shoveling. Which I loathe with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.

12. Can you ice skate? Yes. Love ice skating. I’m trying to talk my best friend into getting a pair so we can go skating Friday nights.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Probably the down payment for my house.

14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? I’m big on the dinner and I like when people are generally nicer to each other. And those unexpected moments of silence when the madness recedes and you can take a breath.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? My mother or grandmother's mince meat pie, warmed up and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Oh and short bread cookies.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? We used to do a line up. Right up until a few years ago. We don’t do it anymore though because now that my brother and sister are married they spend Christmas morning at their houses and then come to my parents. But we would line up at the top of the stairs. Dad would pick out the order and then we would go into the living room in a line. It was the first time we got to see everything under the tree. Now about the only Christmas tradition I have is watching Love Actually on Christmas Eve.

17. What tops your tree? A fabric angel made of gold gauzy stuff and wings.

18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? I’m pretty equal on both parts. I like making stuff for people so that part is fun for me. And I like getting stuff, so that part is fun.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? Hard Candy Christmas. It’s kind of depressing. Much like my love life around the holidays. Or any time of the year for that matter. Did I mention the observance of a moment of silence?

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? I like them melted in my hot chocolate to add a yummy minty flavor.

Tag yourself and get in the holiday spirit!


Maxx said...

Skates skates skates... *making mental note to self*

Kelly said...

Yes - and Walmart had them on sale!

Plus I think for my 40th me and you oughta hit the snowboard slopes.

Maxx said...

Done.... but only if we get to do paintball too. Not on the same day mind you... but sometime within that general area. I"m still really gagged I get no paintball for my Bday.

Melissa Marsh said...

Those were fun to read. I love to see other families' holiday traditions.

We always open presents on Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house and then on Christmas morning, we open the presents under our tree.

annette said...

Hmmm. Egg nog in hot chocolate? I never thought of that. I do put egg nog in my coffee. Very yummy!

Elizabeth Parker said...

Hi, Kelly, I jumped over here from Melissa Marsh's blog. You have a good one! Could you tell me, please, where you got the fun charts? The ones for pages written and pounds lost? Those are cool!

Kelly said...

The pages one is zokuto I think...if you click on it, it should take you right to the websites. The weight one same thing, although I think the website is - hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Great list Kelly :). It is fun to see the different traditions. :)

Julie S said...

You crack me up. I am laughing my butt off. I don't want to do this meme now because it could never live up to this :-)

Tess said...

Love your answers :-) And I'm doing the meme myself now!!