Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Author Interview: Cathryn Fox ~ Pleasure Control

Welcome to my first author interview!

Let me introduce you to today's victim...ahem, I mean guest -- Ms. Cathryn Fox. Ms. Fox has graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions...okay more than a few but you all know the trouble I have with word count. Hmm...given that, perhaps I should let Cathryn tell you a bit about her new release, Pleasure Control.

The name of the game is pleasure...Pleasure Games


A dedicated scientist, Laura Manning has an I.Q. that's off the charts. But beneath her pristine white lab coat is a curvaceous body that craves satisfaction. She finds it hard keeping her mind on the experiment and off what's under the lab coat of her bad boy research partner, Jay Cutler, whom she's working with to develop a libido suppressant, an "antidote" for a society gone sex-mad, pumped up and over-stimulated by the miracle of Viagra.

With time running out, Jay offers to act as a human guinea pig, injecting himself with the libido suppressant. Laura's role requires lingerie, soft music and candlelight. Her job is to entice him, to determine if the suppressant tamps down his desires. Rather than cooling the flames of lust engulfing them, their "antidote" only heats them up and there's only one scandalous way to deal with it!

Suddenly long days of laboratory work are giving way to sizzling nights of sensual experimentation--and a different kind of "chemistry" that leaves Jay and Laura breathless and gasping for more! Their professional careers may depend upon a successful climax--and there are dangerous competitors determined to steal their research. And maybe their pleasure games have gotten a bit out of control.But who in her right mind would want to pull the plug on her man's libido when the loving is this deliciously hot?

Kelly: First off, let's get to the important stuff. Where did you get your inspiration for this steamy book?

Cathryn: A few years back every where I turned I was hearing about the miracle of Viagra. So I got to thinking…what if there was a serum that did the opposite, one that decreased a man’s libido! Once I was armed with that idea, the plot for Pleasure Control began to take shape and pattern inside my mind!

Kelly: Do your ideas hit you out of the blue? Or do you get the seed of an idea from something you see/hear/watch/read and find it germinating from there?

Cathryn: I buy my ideas on Ebay! Doesn’t everyone?

Kelly: Ebay? Wow...I just get mine from Bob down the street. No shipping and handling fee.

Cathryn: Some ideas do hit me out of the blue and sometimes I try to think of innovative ideas that will put my hero and heroine in sexy situations. A book, a movie, or just people watching can sometimes spark an idea.

Kelly: If we could speak to Laura & Jay from Pleasure Control what is the one thing they discovered about you during this journey?

Cathryn: They’d tell you that I get very frustrated when they don’t do what I want them to do and that they are writing this story the way THEY want it, not the way I had originally planned it.

Kelly: Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Cathryn: I call myself a pantser, but before I write I do have to have a general idea of where the story is going. I also have to know the black moment and the resolution.

Kelly: What is one of the key craft tools you find the most useful in your writing?

Cathryn: My keyboard…snicker.

Kelly: Hmm...I'm partial to the delete button myself. I use that one a lot. What part of the craft do you feel you excel at above others?

Cathryn: I write delicious sex scenes!! Seriously though, I’m like any other writer, I sit and open a vein and just try to write the best damn story I can.

Kelly: And on that vein...snicker...Do you have any strange writing rituals we should know about?

Cathryn: Well, I have some you probably shouldn’t know about.

Kelly: USA Today did an article on the 10 most influential characters that never lived and included the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet and the Marlboro Man. Who would be on your list?

Cathryn: Homer, Marg and Bart Simpson.

Kelly: That almost makes me afraid to ask if you were casting the perfect hero, who in Hollywood would play the part?

Cathryn: Do I only get one? Leonardo Dicaprio. Followed by Mark Wahlberg and Skeet Ulrich. Did you want me to include pictures? Because if you do, I’d have to go searching the net, it’s not like I have them printed off sitting beside me or anything….(whistling innocently)

Kelly: What are you currently reading and what made you pick it up?

Cathryn: I usually have a couple of books going at a time. I’m an erotic romance writer but right now I’m reading, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, which just so happens to be an inspirational romance. Okay, stop choking on your coffee!! A pastor friend of mine gave it to me and it’s a beautiful story. I’m also reading Viva Los Bad Boys by Helen Kay Dimon. It’s her first full length Brava and I was interested in her writing, which is fabulous, by the way.

Kelly: If you could give one bit of advice to those hurtling/tripping/tip-toeing down the path to publication what would it be?

Cathryn: Perseverance along with networking. Meet others who are hurtling/tripping/tip-toeing down the path with you. Make friends and share ideas.

And there you have it folks, the internal workings of Cathryn Fox. Thanks for stopping by Cathryn!

Pleasure Control is a November Avon release and it is in stores today! Don't miss it!


annette said...

Great interview! Can't wait to read Pleasure Control. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview Kelly and Cathy. I can't wait to get my copy of Pleasure Control. :)

Anne M said...

Fun interview!

But, seriously Cathy, Mark Wahlburg?

Julianne MacLean said...

You guys are hilarious. I preordered my copy from Amazon, and I'm waiting to get it in my mailbox!


julia said...

A lovely way to wind down - read an interview about a book that's sure to wind me up! Can't wait to read it.

Cathryn Fox said...

LOL Anne,
You have a problem with Mark Wahlburg why???