Thursday, August 24, 2006

Younger Than You Think

Looks like I'm not turning 40 this January after all. I went to and took the test. Turns out my Real Age is 34.2. I knew all that clean living would pay off eventually. And apparently, if I keep doing what I'm doing, I'll get younger. Why in three years time I'll be almost thirty-two. I'm liking this new math. Check it out. It's a pretty detailed and interesting test.

Also, the rock climbing on the 40th birthday I'm putting on hold since I want my sister to be able to do it and since she'll be 8 months pregnant at the time, I don't think my mother would be too happy about her scaling a wall, although I wouldn't put it past her to try. So I think I might see about getting a group of friends over and having a psychic party. Bring in a card reader or psychic astrologer and do something like that. See what the next forty years hold.

I think things are finally becoming clearer with my WIP. I worked out a lot of the kinks yesterday and wrote out a point form plotline to help with the synopsis writing. I know what my characters have to sacrifice, and the growth they go through to overcome their issues (and lord do these people have issues...). The only part I'm not quite clear on is the ending. I know what it will be, just not how it will take place. Meaning I know what has to happen, just not how it will happen. But I might be able to fudge that a bit on the synopsis if I word it right. I hope.

Anyway, this morning I decided to jump into writing the new chapter one just so I could work on something a bit more creative and exciting. Finally, something easy! The words flowed nicely and I finished the opening scene which ended up being five pages.

And I think I've finally found a book I can get into. I picked up Karen Robard's, Vanished at the library last night and so far so good. I don't usually read romantic suspense, but I felt like trying something different because I wasn't finding anything that grabbed me in the straight contemporary genre. I think I was bored and needed to try something different. Seems to have worked.

Also updated: Fab at Forty Blog.


julia said...

Were you really working on your synopsis before diving into an actual chapter? That's impressive.

Kelly said...

Well I had about 50 pgs written from the BIAW last week, but then I realized I needed to start the story earlier than I did, so my original chpt 1 will probably be Chp 2 or 3, and a new chp 1 had to be written. That's what I was working on this morning.

Melissa Marsh said...

I have been trying different books lately, too - authors I've never read before. It's been fun.

Tess said...

Cool about your Real Age - I just took the test and am awaiting results.

Great to hear that those kinks in your book got ironed out and that you're into Ch 1 :-)

Tempest Knight said...

Good to hear you made progress on your WIP! *g* As for the age thing, I checked it out. It said I should be 20. Man, if that were possible... *sighs*

Julie S said...

I am afraid to take the quiz. I don't want to know! But congrats on getting younger. That's so cool!

Lexi said...

I don't know about this real age thing, Kelly. I started it and it said I was 35 and 1 month. That's pretty sad since I'm still 34.