Monday, August 28, 2006

The New Mr. Darcy

First off, let me just say, Pride & Prejudice is still one of my all time favorite movies/mini-series of all time and always will be. But on the weekend I rented from the library the BBC miniseries, North and South, based on the novel by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell and all I can say is HELLO!

Richard Armitage as John Thornton was, in a word, superb. Unforgettable. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy kind of unforgettable. The mini-series was amazing. I can't believe I have never heard of this book before. The mini-series was done in 2005 and you can get it through amazon, which I shall be purchasing as soon as funds allow. But if you haven't seen it, trust me--do so. You will not regret it. The man positively smolders off the screen.'s getting warm in here again...

Anyway, onto other things before I spontaneously combust. The spots - thank you for all your concern, that was very nice to read. Turns out the spot is just some bleeding under the skin, probably from rubbing against something. Given where the spot is located the only thing I can think of is the keyboard tray at work maybe. Anyway, doc says it should clear up in a week or two. It's already started to fade a bit.

Writing wise - making good progress with my first chapter that I have to submit to the editor on September 10th. I went to Starbucks last night and worked out the specifics of the rest of the chapter. I wrote to page 17 this morning and tomorrow I'll finish the final scene that should take me to page 25, the max allowed for the submission. I'm going to take my plot outline to work so I can begin roughing out the dreaded synopsis on my lunch hour.

My weekend ended up quieter than expected. The final dress fitting got pushed to Tuesday night because the alterations weren't done. So Saturday I kicked around, ran some errands, bought my sister's wedding gift and found a strapless bra that actually fit and stayed up. So everything for the wedding is taken care of save the final fitting on Tuesday. Then Sunday I kicked around the house, worked on some knitting projects, read quite a bit on Karen Robards Vanished which I'm enjoying immensely, got my walk in and then I did the trek out to Starbucks.

Also, I updated my other blog Fab at Forty Plan on the weekend for anyone wanting to take a look.


julia said...

Wow - that is some kind of smoldery guy! Me like. Thanks for discovering that miniseries. It's totally my kind of thing. Can't wait to watch it.

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm so glad things turned out ok at the doctor. I bet you felt very relieved!!!

Tess said...

Oooh - another DVD to look for! Haven't read N&S (well, the Gaskell one - read the John Jakes one years ago) - it's on my list of books to read.

Glad the spot turned out to be nothing serious. That must have relieved your mind :-)

As for eating at the BBQ, studies show that those who cheat occasionally end up losing more weight and keeping it off than those who deprive themselves all the time of the stuff they love :-)

Stacy Dawn said...

Excellent about the spot.

LOL, all your talk about getting ready for the wedding brings back memories about bra searching etc.

Michelle said...

Didn't they do a miniseries on North and South in the 80s? I've never seen it, but I've heard of it. Sounds interesting!

Good luck on that chapter!

Kelly said...

The one in the 80s was based on the JOhn Jakes novel about the Civil War. This one was based in Victorian London during the 1850s.

MaryF said...

Thank goodness your spot wasn't cancer!