Tuesday, August 15, 2006

BIAW - Day Two

More progress again today. I had a bit of a slow start but then things got going and I ended up with another 2,250 words. I really like these characters. I think it'll be fun to write with a few little subplots with the secondary characters happening in the background too. I love stories about small towns and all the people that populate them.

I'm going to work on the astrology of the characters on my lunch hour. I usually like to map out their signs and the characteristics that go with each. I use it as a roadmap when developing them, pick out their strengths and weaknesses, use signs that play well off each other and against the other attributes.

In other news, a friend of mine from work has put in her notice. She's going to Australia for six months. I'm still trying to find out a way to fold myself up small enough to fit in her backpack. I'll miss her, too. She's one of my closest office buds and though there's an age difference (she's around 25, I'm, well...not) we're both on the same wavelength. On the plus side, since she's hightailing it across the equator for six months, she's getting rid of a lot of things. A lot of things being clothes. Bags of clothes. We're close to the same size too, although she's taller. She's going to bring in some and let me pick through and see what I want. She said it's either that or they're going to Sally Ann and she'd like to give someone she knows first crack at them.

I'm all for really nice free clothing. And I'm in desperate need with no cash flow to speak of. I hardly bought anything last year and a lot of the stuff I used to have either doesn't fit because I've shrunk out of it, or it has reached the end of its useful life. And this girl dresses nice too. She said a lot of the stuff she hasn't even worn, or only worn a couple of times. She's a bit of a clotheshorse. So maybe I can't fit in her backpack, but at least I'll get some new clothes out of the deal.


Erin said...

Wow, you're just a little writing demon when you wanna be, aren't you? Good luck with that!

You've piqued my curiousity...who's leaving? And going to Australia, no less. Must be nice. I thought going to England was good. (fyi, I've posted some of my pics...)

Melissa Marsh said...

You've got two things to celebrate - writing progress and new clothes! What could be better?

Tess said...

Ooooooh, free clothes from someone with a great wardrobe. Lucky you!!!

WTG on your BIAW progress :-)

kacey said...

wtg on the writing progress!

And new to you clothes! That's great. I have a friend that gives me her wonderful leftover clothes! Fun.

Stacy Dawn said...

You are on fire!