Thursday, August 17, 2006

BIAW - Day Four

Still motoring along. I wanted to try and get 2,500 words today but had to stop at 2,000. Still, not too bad. That's 9,000 total. Just 6,000 to go before I hit my goal. I can't work on it tonight though because my sister needs help moving things out of storage, but I might manage some time on my lunch hour to scribble some stuff out long hand. We'll see.

I'm really liking how this story is developing. Probably doesn't hurt when you've got a hot guy for your hero and the mental image of that to keep you going. My Dad hates my heroe's name (Dash). He keeps trying to get me to change it, but I can't. That's the name he showed up with and it fits the story. Sorry Pops, you lose on that one.

I have to say, writing contemporary is a whole other venue for me and I'm enjoying it. There aren't the restrictions you have in historical where you have to watch language, manners, were certain items even in existence at the time. It's a bit freeing. There's still research, although my hero is a carpenter and luckily so is my about to be brother-in-law. So I get to pick his brain about tools and methods and stuff. That way I won't be referring to stuff as the whatchamacallit and the thingamajig.

I'm still going to take a break from the story at the end of the week though, just to finish my final clean up of The Outlaw Bride and get my queries out. Seems weird to think of it going out there. I had sent the request to HQN last year, but that was just one place and their feedback let me fix and change things so now it's better (and leaner) than before. I'm excited about getting it out there. Even though there will be the inevitable rejections, just the idea that I'm sending it out into the world makes me feel like I'm more in the game.

Anyway, time's up for today. Hope everyone on the BIAW is doing great!


Melissa Marsh said...

You're doing awesome on the BIAW, Kelly! WTG!

Nienke said...

Yay Kelly! Keep up the good work!

Tess said...

Great job, Kelly :-) Motor on!!