Monday, June 05, 2006

The Blah Weekend

Sometimes a Nothing Weekend can be a bad thing. I had plans this weekend but most fell through for one reason or another. Softball was cancelled, Maxx had a headache on Saturday so we didn’t get together and coffee on Sunday was cancelled because my niece’s first birthday ran longer than I expected. And it rained. Non stop. All Weekend.

And to top things off I felt completely shack whacky. I couldn’t settle down. It was like I was bouncing off the walls of my cage looking for a way out. I wanted to be somewhere else doing something else, I just didn’t know where or what. Every time I sat down to do something I couldn’t get into it. About the only thing that saved me from going completely bonkers was Season 1 of Deadwood that I picked up at the library. I think it’s my new favorite show--and perfectly timed since I’m revising my western. Watching that allowed me a mental escape from the doldrums and restlessness that settled into my bones this weekend.

So what did everyone else do?


Erin said...

I spent most of the weekend doing pre-trip things - shopping, ordering UK money, all of that fun sorta stuff. 12 days!!

Oh, and watching the final episode of Charmed. Thought I'd mention that, 'cause I KNOW how much you love that show... *G*

julia said...

I looked after my grandmother on Saturday while my mom had an overnight to herself. Mom just went to my sister's, which is a five-minute drive away, but it was quiet and a little get-away. Because my sister was at her boyfriend's. Musical residences, anyone?

Sunday was a lay-on-the-couch-snuggled-with-my-dog day. I caught two episodes of "Band of Brothers" on the History channel which I'd always been meaning to watch. I loved it, obviously. I'm going to have to get my husband to bring the whole series home for me from Blockbuster. It really gets the warrior vibe going...

Tess said...

On Saturday I went into Vancouver with Sean and his dad while they were having their suits for the wedding fitted. Got to see our niece :-) Then we stopped off at Staples/Future Shop where I picked up Season 1 of Boston Legal.

Sean and I want to watch Deadwood too. You just gave me a great Sean b-day gift idea!!

Sunday we spent until 2:30 at the storage locker, sorting through stuff. We rescued our Starbucks coffee maker, my KitchenAid mixer and my fancy popcorn popper :-)

Peggy said...

Sorry your weekend wasn't as you would haved liked.

I've just recently heard about Deadwood. Apparently it's very authetic to the period---so not very popular with the critics who, it seems, would rather recall the period as Hollywood portrays it. I much prefer the authentic version over Hollywood any day. Must check out my library and see if they have it as well.

Rene said...

That was me last weekend, restless and not wanting to do anything.

I had my chapter meeting Saturday. Sunday my daughters went to a birthday party but I had to drag my younger one home screaming. After the party I took my older daughter shopping at a discount store where she spent her allowance money on junk.

It was really hot here so I didn't have much energy.

Melissa Marsh said...

I've heard that Deadwood is a good series. Hope next weekend is better!

Michelle said...

Househunting, interviewing for a possible new job, and making myself crazy. :) Other than that, not a heckuva lot.