Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Itchy Feet

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky, warm temperatures, and me stuck in the office staring at the bland four walls of my pod. I escaped for lunch to drive across the harbour for my chiro appointment and as I’m driving back, windows down, Our Lady Peace blaring on the radio and the wind in my hair--it hits me. That feeling. The one I get every year. The one that lasts from late May to early October.

Itchy feet.

The overwhelming urge to chuck it all, pack a few belongings and the dog in my car and just drive. Doesn’t matter where. The destination is inconsequential. It’s the freedom I’m after. The heady sense of having no one to answer to and nothing to do but drive on the open road, going nowhere in particular. No job expecting me to be there by 9 am each morning. No bills or creditors breathing down your neck demanding payment. No household chores that must be done. No people pulling you back expecting you to stay. Just pure, unadulterated liberty from everything tying me down.

In the end, I think that’s why writing full time is such an important goal to me. It embodies the freedom I crave. Not that it isn’t a lot of hard work, because it is, but it’s a different kind of work. It’s a work filled with passion and in that is a sense of freedom you don’t find in a job that just pays the bills.

To me, writing full time is the emotional equivalent of jumping in my car on a sunny summer day and driving with the windows down, the wind in my hair, my favorite song on the radio, and no set destination in mind.


Peggy said...

I'm getting itchy feet as well. Not to stay home full time, I already do that, but to hit the road, go somewhere. I'm constantly on the net searching destinations. Particularly ones not far or long, which seem more doable. Maybe just a couple days here or there.

Tess said...

Interesting analogy, Kelly :-) So Coop likes car rides? Or is that a dumb question - I think all dogs like car rides *g*.

Of course, I've seen enough of the open road lately to last quite a while *vbg*.

Dixie Belle said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read your profile. I love Christian Bale, too! I just rented A New World just to see him.
And Dangerous Beauty is one of my favorites, too. I love anything historical.

If you are writing full-time, girlfriend, you are living the dream! Enjoy every minute!

Rene said...

Sigh, my allergies are flaring up so I can't enjoy the weather. I love where I live, so I don't have any great desire to leave and I'm hoping to explore more this summer with my kids in tow.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Kelly - how I long to just take off like that, literally. No one expecting anything from me, no cares or responsibilities. And I loved the analogy - freedom to be your own boss. That's my dream too.

Kelly said...

Sadly I'm not there yet Dixie Belle, but I will be. Or die trying. I'm kinda hoping for the former.