Monday, May 01, 2006

Critiques, Haircuts & Potlucks

I had a really busy two days this weekend. It started off Friday with Maxx coming over and working on our books. Actually we just worked on hers and didn't get to mine. I told her next week she wasn't allowed to be such a time hog. She scoffed at me, it ended in fisticuffs...well okay, maybe not. We just got caught up in hers and lost track of time. But after she left I did a little scribbling and came up with a couple of ideas. My other critique group starts meeting this Tuesday so I should be able to get some more brainstorming done then. I'm really looking forward to it.

Then Saturday it was down to the car dealership to get my motor vehicle inspection done since it was up April 30th (whoops...almost missed that one), then to talk to a guy about buying out my lease in a year's time. After that I zipped over to get my haircut, then met Maxx at the mall to do some shopping. I picked up a couple pair of sexy shoes (nothing says summer like a pair of sexy red heels), a couple pair of Levis to replace my well worn pair (put them away though and said I wasn't allowed to start wearing them until I lost 5 pounds), a couple of dressy t-shirts, a pair of workout pants for softball and a hairbrush. All in all, a very productive shopping trip and I didn't go one cent over budget.

Later Saturday night
Nikki was giving a potluck for the RWAC crew. About twelve of us made it for the feast. I showed off my culinary skills by producing a large bag of rolls compliments of the Superstore. We hung out, ate, ate, talked, laughed and messed up Nikki's kitchen until it was almost unrecognizable. Then I scored her Pride & Prejudice DVD and ran off into the night.

Sunday I slept in (aahhhhhh) -- well at least until 8:30 when my dog decided it was time to get up and feed her. Then I sat on my couch and read for a bit (reading up on Dr Andrew Weil's Optimum Health, very interesting stuff), then I went for my walk since it was such a nice day. After that, I did a run to the drug store and library, cooked some food for lunches for the week, did a little more reading (The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova), tried and failed to get through The 40-Year Old Virgin, then it was off to Starbucks to meet Maxx for coffee.

All in all, a very busy, but fun weekend. Now if the writing goes equally as good this week, I might make some progress...


Peggy said...

Sounds like your weekend was full! Glad you enjoyed it.

Maxx said...

Finally we're getting to do all those things we said we'd do if we only lived closer together. :)

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow, what a nice weekend. Don't you just love those? (I didn't make it through The 40-Year-Old Virgin, either.)