Friday, March 31, 2006

Office Hi-jinks on a Friday Afternoon

It’s mid-day Friday and three of us are sitting in the lunchroom, our diabolical Sodoku puzzles completed…well except for Catherine, but that’s another story. Anyhoo, we’re all sitting around and someone suggests we play a few pranks on the office prankster, Dana. He’s pretty easy to get and has a flair for the overdramatic.

I come up with the idea of emptying my hole puncher into his fan. So we do. Now, Dana has this huge box at his desk. It used to contain a two drawer file cabinet a year ago, but he’s held onto it ever since claiming he was going to take it home and turn it into a cat hotel. A year later it is still sitting under his desk in his pod.

I suggest one of us crawls inside of it and when he gets back from lunch start scratching on the side, like a rodent trying to get free. Everyone thinks that’s brilliant, so into the box I go.

Dana returns and sets his cell phone on his desk then heads down to someone else’s office down the hall. Meanwhile, Catherine swipes his cell phone, gets the key to the vending machine, and places his phone inside with the chocolate chip cookies.

Dana returns to his pod, sits down and

Meanwhile, I’m hunkered down in the dark box, hand over my mouth trying not to laugh. Things calm down. He comes back to his desk. A few minutes later I scratch at the side. Then I scratch again.

“Where is that noise coming from?”
No answer.
“Kelly, are you erasing loudly?” (My pod is on the other side of the pod wall from him)
No answer. I scratch a little more.
“What the—something’s in my box!”
I can’t hold it any longer. I dissolve into a fit of laughter. Dana yanks the box out from under his desk and I tumble out onto the floor, snorting hysterically while our office mates who were all in on it surround his pod.

Later on I make a fresh pot of coffee and tell Dana it's in the kitchen. He goes in and I start dialling his cell phone. He has to pay a loonie to get his phone out of the vending machine. By the third set of calls he picks up on the second ring. "You are soooo going to die..." We all laugh.

"You have all made a powerful enemy. You won't know won't know how, but I will get back at you..."

Ahahahahaha...yes, we’re all so grown up here at Pod Central.


Tess said...

Hmm, didn't I see an episode of M*A*S*H* that went something like that?

ROTFL - if I had to work in an office, sounds like yours has some potential for fun. Had we tried that at CANEX, we'd all have been fired :-/

Is it warm there too? Is that why you're all so eager to play?

Erin said...

Dang, wish I coulda seen all of that, I'm sure it was hilarious! I think we might have gotten away with something like that at O&Y (*thinks back to the infamous Cow incident*)...ok, yeah, we coulda done something like that. Too bad someone wasn't ready to get pictures!

Melissa Marsh said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! Those are great!!!

Some of my coworkers did a little pod-decorating on one of my other co-workers. Unfortunately, he was not amused!

Michelle said...

Oh that's hilarious! Sounds like you guys had a great time. :)

Peggy said...

ROTFL, I forgot it was April Fool's a day early in the office place. What a hoot!!

kacey said...

too, too funny! (but you might want to watch your back for awhile at work ...) *g

ces said...

Oh my god, I never thought i'd say this, but I miss Summit!!!!!