Thursday, March 16, 2006

In My Perfect World...

I was reading on Melissa's blog the other day about the dream she'd had since childhood about what her life would be like when she was published and it got me to thinking. I've had the same type of dream lurking in my head. It's changed and altered over time, until it settled into a nice blend of reality over fantasy. It looks something like this:

Get up at 7 AM, whisper into my incredibly handsome husband's ear (did I mention there was still a little fantasy allowed...?) that I was going downstairs to write. I would spend the next five hours immersed in my story world, pausing of course to give said handsome hubby a good-bye kiss that would leave him thinking of me at the most inopportune of times throughout the day.

After my five hours of writing was completed, I would grab a light lunch, and then pop on over to the gym where I could work out for an hour or more without waiting for any of the equipment because the rest of the world was at work. Then I would grab a shower and meet another writing friend for coffee and brainstorming. After that I would zip over to the library and do some research before I went home for supper, which I would actually have time to prepare before I was so hungry it felt as if my belly was gnawing at my backbone.

Hubby would arrive home and we'd spend a leisurely mealtime catching up and sipping wine. Then I'd go soak in the tub for an hour and read. The rest of the evening would be up for grabs, free time to do what we wanted. Then we'd crawl back into bed and...and well it gets a little x-rated after that--hey, I did say my IDEAL day!

So how would you describe your ideal day?


Peggy said...

This took some thinking. Let's see. I guess all my kids would be grown and out of the house (that includes hubby, LOL). I'd wake at whatever time I'd want, stroll downstairs feed kitty, let puppy out, put on kettle, grab morning paper that would actually be on my doorstep not down in my mailbox, take my time reading it, saunter over to computer, do some writing, get up take a shower, do more writing, maybe a little gardening, slip a horseback ride in because I own my own hobby ranch (all by myself), meet kids or friends for lunch (restaurant---not home), come home, do more writing. Supper time, order in, put whatever show I wanted on the television set, slip into something comfy, take long stroll with puppy, come home with great story inspirations, jot them all down, pour a glass of wine, nothing on tv, grab a book, head to bed early. Next day, repeat.

Kelly said...

Ooohhhh I forgot all about owning the hobby farm! Good point - forget the gym, I'll spend the 1.5 hours on horseback.

Nikki said...

My ideal day? No brainer. Me and Jon Stewart in bed, room service, naked and some hotel porn.

Yep, that's about all I need ...

Melissa Marsh said... ideal day.

Ok, here goes.

I'm in England (of course!) in my beautiful English cottage somewhere in Dorset. It's a stormy day outside when I wake up (probably around 9 a.m.) and I go to my office, sit down with a bowl of cereal, check my email, then settle into writing. Oh yes - must let the dog out, too.

Write for a few hours, go for a stroll outside with my dog, go to the local pub for some good food and conversation, then head back to the house to work a bit more on the novel. Book a trip to Paris because I need to do some research, and a friend drops by for tea. After she leaves, I hit the gym for about an hour. (Do they have a Curves gym in England?)

Hubby comes home from work around 5 p.m. and I stop for the day to eat (no, I'm not cooking - this is an IDEAL day and I have a chef) my very healthy meal. Hubby and I sit around a crackling fire, reading, no television on (unless it's the weekend where we order take out and rent a movie), and the dog sleeping at our feet.

But this isn't an every day occurrence. Some days I'd be jetting off to Paris or driving up to London to do research, or even taking mini writing excursions where I hole up in a cute B&B in a cute English village and write. :-)

MaryF said...

Mm, okay, get up and go for a walk around the neighborhood in slimfitting exercise clothes because I'm that thin (rofl!), come in fired up to write. Write until 11, watch AMC, eat, take a nap, wake up and write again before hubby comes home to take me to dinner. Come home, watch a movie, write some more, go to bed.

Michelle said...

I'd wake up in an Irish B&B with hubby at my side. Of course, the trip is tax-deductible as research for my next historical romance. We go for a walk along a mist-covered path and find castle ruins. We'd imagine what sort of people lived there and when we get back to the B&B, I'd write some pages while kicking back with a glass of wine. Hubby would be waiting for me in a bathtub filled with bubbles. :)