Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Series of Four

I'm pressed for time this morning so I thought I would borrow from Melissa's list of fours for today's blog:

Four Jobs I've Had
Paper Girl
Grocery Store Cashier
Manager, Business Services
Property Manager

Four Places I've Lived
Hmm...Just New Glasgow and Dartmouth so far...

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over
Pride & Prejudice
Count of Monte Cristo
Dangerous Beauty
Love Actually
And anything with Christian Bale in it (okay that's more than four but I had to make up for the short list on places I've lived)

Four Places I've Vacationed
Disney World
Dominican Republic
The Camp

Four Favorite Dishes
Turkey Dinner
Ameriatriciano (I think I totally massacred the spelling of that but it's a pasta dish at East Side Mario's that I looooooove)

Four Sites I Visit Daily
The library to see if I have anything on hold
Amazon or Chapters
My RWAC loops & blogs

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
South of France
A warm sunny beach
The winter Olympics

Four TV Shows I Love
The West Wing

Feel free to tag yourself on this one!


Nikki said...

No Prison Break? No Grey's? And you'd really rather be at the winter Olympics???

I think we've officially broken up ...

Kelly said...

Oh crap I can't believe I forgot those two! And are you kidding me? The Olympics? All those hot athletic men walking around, captive in the village for the duration? Heeelllooooo...