Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Thanks to Tess for this (and saving me from thinking up something interesting to blog about this morning, I stayed up too late watching the Men's short program on TV)

Current clothing: My flannel pj pants, turtleneck and sweater (it's a bit chilly down here in the winter)
Current hair: shoulder length reddish brown
Current mood: Superb, but a little sleepy
Current refreshment: coffee, unleaded

Current annoyance: That I have to stop writing and go to work
Current avoidance: work
Current smell: The aforementioned unleaded coffee

Current thing you ought to be doing: climbing up the stairs to get ready for work
Current thing or things on your wall: Big huge honking poster of Christian Bale that my friend's husband who works at Blockbuster gave me, and a few sundry pictures of less importance and a calender.
Current IM/person you're talking to: Not big on the IM thing and the only person I'd be talking to right now would be myself, but I'm too tired to carry on a conversation
Current jewelry: father's original wedding band, two rings of a medieval type design - one with my birthstone, garnet, the other with citrine, the writer's stone, a necklace with a celtic knot and silver earrings
Current book: The Bride Ship by Deb Hale (awesome) and Portrait of a Lover by Julianne MacLean (also awesome)
Current worry: Money. Always money.
Current favorite celebrity: Did I mention the Christian Bale poster?
Current obsession: I have to keep repeating myself?

Current love: My writing. Unless it's a bad writing day. Then I still love it, but we're just not speaking.
Current longing: To travel, to be published, to travel some more
Current disappointment: That I don't have the money to travel where I want
Current lyric in your head: Thumbing my way back to heaven, by Pearl Jam (last song I listened to while working out yesterday so now it's stuck in my head, which isn't bad since it's a good song)
Current music: Does the sound of silence count?
Current favorite book: Too many to choose, but Deb & Julianne are right at the top. I'm loving both of these.

Current favorite movie: Watched Reign of Fire again on the weekend so that jumped back up to the top
Current wish: To publish something soon

Current happy thing: Cooper is healthy and doing well
Current undergarments: Doh! I knew I forgot something!
Current desktop picture: Ahem...a rotating group of my favorite CB pixs
Current plans for tonight/weekend: I hate to say it out loud, but I think this weekend looks free and clear...ssshhh....don't tell anyone...

So what's currently on your agenda?


Nikki said...

My agenda is to write, write, write today! If I'm good I'm going to treat myself to a movie tomorrow (woohoo!).

And I would have filled out the list but I have pressing Sayid things to talk about today on my blog :)

Tess said...

Isn't the Bride Ship amazing? I'm almost done, but don't want it to end.

Which CB movie poster do you have?

Kelly said...

I was the same way - halfway thru I started dreading the ending because I didn't want to leave!

The poster is from Batman but its a pix of him as Bruce Wayne, mostly headshot and some shoulders. Half his face is somewhat shaded which gives it this mysterious look. When its a bad writing day, I just sit there at my computer and drool mostly. Nearly shorted out the keyboard a few times...