Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Downfall of Modern Society

So we have a Conservative (*gasp, gag, vomit*) government, but it’s a minority government so I'll content myself with that in the hopes the other parties can keep Prime Minister Bush--I mean Harper--from turning this country back in time and subverting what we have already accomplished because it doesn't fit with his religious ideology. Ooohhh I feel a rant coming on, but lucky for you guys, I have a pile of crap the snowplow just dumped at the end of my driveway that I must go shovel out before I can leave for work. Ugh.

It's a good thing I wrote seven new pages this morning or this day would have been a total write-off. And it turns out the first kiss was not a kiss after all, but merely a tease, which was actually a lot of fun to write.

And more bad news - The West Wing is being cancelled after this season. First Alias, now the West Wing. It's like there is no justice in this world. But, then again, now that Jed Bartlett is free...well, I still think he'd make a smashing Prime Minister.


Peggy said...

Ah, I see you hold the same opinions about Harper as me. But yay on the minority vote, maybe that'll keep him in check. Here's hoping.

The almost kiss is even funner than the actual kiss. The sensual tension is so much fun to write.

Tess said...

Hmm, seems like we're all on the same page politically.

Yay on the seven pages!!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Seven pages is awesome, Kelly! Great job!

Nikki said...

Harper sucks. But it's not like the other guys made it easy to vote for them. Although I didn't vote for Harper. Still creepy if you ask me ...

Great on the seven pages!!!