Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Confusion of a Dreaming Mind

I have had four strange/bad dreams in as many nights. Each dream is different, but each seems to share a similar underlying theme. The first night, I was at the camp with my family and my nephew was outside when a pack of wolves approached him. The lead wolf was about twice the size of what a normal wolf should have been and his head was quite scarred and mangled, with only one good eye. There was a viciousness to this animal and in my dream I remember thinking that this was strange, because I had always had such an affinity for wolves. Anyway, long story short, despite the fact there were other people around, they did nothing and it fell to me. I had to fight the wolves and get my nephew to safety, which I did.

Second night I have no idea the lead-in to the dream but I think someone had broken into my house. When I went to investigate I found a guy that I thought was a robber, but who then identified himself as a cop. I asked what he was doing there and he looked at me incredulously and flicked a flood light outside that stayed on for just a few seconds. Gang members swarmed my yard. Then the cop took off to go outside. At this point I'm aware of a lot of cops in my house and my house seems twice as large as it is and the front is all made of glass. I realize the cop went out the door and I have to run up after him to lock the door, or the gangs will get in and kill the cops. So I basically have to save the cops which I end up doing.

Then the third night I am at my old house in New Glasgow and my family is there and there is a terrorist and he is holding me hostage while they are all there. I know if anything happens to me, then my family are in trouble. And even though they outnumber the terrorist they're doing nothing to overpower him. They're waiting for me to do it. So I end up fighting with him and I find a sharp object and am jabbing him with it from behind but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. In my head, I know that I have to push it in deeper to have any effect and that this will likely kill him. Finally I manage to get myself turned around and stab him in the chest. He looks a bit surprised, but the object I'm using hasn't gone in too far, and I know I have to shove it into him to stop him. A weird calm comes over me and I hear this voice in my head that says, 'do it'. So I do and save my family, who have all been sitting about while I'm fighting this guy.

Last night's dream is a bit more faded. I remember Jim Cavazeil was in it, so it wasn't all bad, and for some reason his being there made me feel safer, but I know later on there was a fight or struggle of some kind and I can remember groups of people milling about and not helping and that I had to do it on my own, but like the three dreams before it, I was protecting someone else, it wasn’t about me.

I'm usually pretty good at dream deciphering, but these have me stumped. I was trying to figure out some stress I might be feeling that would manifest itself like this but I'm coming up dry. I mean, in each dream people are all around me but no one seems all that concerned that I have to struggle with this life and death fight in order to save them, they just seem to assume I will do it and so they are totally unconcerned that they're in danger and this ticks me off in each case but it doesn't change. And in each case I know I will win even though the struggle is hard. So I can seem how on some levels this could pertain to a lot of things, but...I dunno...I still feel like I'm missing some deeper message. Weird.


Tess said...

Very weird indeed! I've had weeks like that too, with lots of bad dreams that are hard to interpret. I put it down to my writer's imagination.

Peggy said...

Hmm. Could be that you feel as if you are taking the majority of responsibility, and those around you are not. Or taking you for granted.

Kelly said...

I thought about that but I'm single and have no kids, so there really isn't anyone to take me for granted. And my family have their own things going on so that doesn't seem to fit. I'm perplexed. Weeks from now I'll probably have some epiphany about the whole thing.

Melissa Marsh said...

Definitely strange. Is there something at work that you are taking all the responsibility for?

Yeah, you're right - you'll probably figure it out in a few weeks. But they sound like very vivid dreams. Those can be good or bad - depending on the kind of dream. :-)

Kelly said...

Nope, work is same ole same ole. I did get a raise though, but my responsibilities are pretty much unchanged on that front.