Friday, December 09, 2005

Four Hours of My Life Gone Forever

We had our office Christmas Party last night. They chose a local dinner theatre. Now, I've been to this dinner theatre plenty of times, and years ago the Christmas show used to be worth seeing, but the past few I've seen, not so much. And this one was no exception. In fact, this one may well have been the worst yet.

It even started off bad. I couldn't find something to wear. It was one of those days where everything in your closet made you feel like the direct descendant of a beluga whale. Further proof I really need to stay away from those Christmas baskets. Finally I threw on the same outfit I wore last year, no longer caring. I was running late but managed to get there before they led everyone into the dining area. They seated me where I couldn't see half of the stage, which at the time was irritating, but as soon as the show started I realized it was a bit of a blessing. The show was a Hollywood Christmas theme. Except I think they only did about 3 Christmas songs. And the other songs half I didn't recognize and the other half I didn't particularly like. And half of the performers couldn't sing so well. Even the free meal couldn't make up for this one. I kept sitting there wondering when the torture was going to end.

When it finally did, I practically ran to my car in an effort to escape. Only to find out nobody told us the rigmarole required to get out of the freakin' parking garage. Once that was figured out and I paid at the hotel counter and got my swipe card, I drove to the door and the swiper didn't work. At this point I'm ready to get out of the car and rip the door up with my bare hands, but on about the 20th swipe, it finally works. Then I drive up around the corner thinking I've finally made my get away and the damn cops stop me to check my inspection sticker (which was thankfully up to date). Luckily the cop was kind of cute, so I let him go with just a warning.

Finally I get home and collapse into bed thinking - Gawd...there's four hours of my life I'll never get back.


Erin said...

Hmmm...judging by that rigamarole, I'd say you went to Halifax Feast? I remember jumping through similar hoops back in 2002, when we had the party there. They really should post instructions somewhere about how to get out of there. Not so much fun to be wandering through a parkade, alone, at 1:00am, trying to figure out how the heck to get out.

At least the cop was cute.

While the meal didn't make up for the night, was it at least edible?

Peggy said...

The office party. Hated going to them. They always had some stupid murder mystery thingy going on. I hate going to my hubby's worse. 80% of his co-workers are teenagers. Always a fun night, not.

Melissa Marsh said...

That doesn't sound like a very fun night. And Christmas parties are supposed to be fun!

We're not having ours until January. I hear they're pretty fun - we even get prizes! But we'll see.

Nikki said...

Who doesn't have a Christmas party until January??? That is just effed up ...

Sounds brutal Kelly. Loved the part about letting the cop go with a warning!

Chris said...

And speaking of Christmas events. I went to M's xmas concert on Wed night. It was excellent and the gym was packed of proud parents. Then on Thurs night we had to turn around and go to J's concert. It was identical to M's (even the songs chosen) except different kids of course. In saying that, the parents yapped through the entire thing. I felt like screaming "shut up" and listen but I sat there thinking how ignorant people are! Yet the night before the audience was quiet and listened and very proud. These people of last night did not even shut up to listen to the Principal talk about the play/choir. make matters worse we sat behind some girl who apparently likes really really low rise jeans and the crack of her ass was quite a site!! Sweet huh!! I mean they pack you like sardines, it's not what I wanted to see! Oh and tonite is our xmas party and we have no sitter so it's solo again this year!!! ho ho ho!

Cathryn Fox said...

I went to Mark's office christmas party a few years ago (the only one I ever went to. Trust me a room full of nerdy meteorologists is not my kind of fun) Any way I decided to go that year because it was a dinner theatre and I've always enjoyed them (plus I didn't have to make covnersation with said nerdy meteorologists) I thought the dinner theatre was horrible. Really, really awful. I was so disappointed because I used to love them. I wonder why it's going so downhill.