Friday, November 18, 2005

JJ, All is Forgiven...Almost

For any of you who read my blog regularly and have really good memories, you'll recall I'm a big Alias fan and was quite distraught over the fact that they had killed off Michael Vaughan at the beginning of the season. I stated the only thing that would make me even remotely okay with this (outside of resurrecting Vaughan from the dead, which hey - I still think is possible) was to bring back my absolute favorite character, Sark.

So I'm sitting there watching Alias last night and the episode was one of the better ones so far this season. I've found it a little slower, maybe because I'm not super thrilled about these new characters, although I'm warming up to Balthazar Getty, but the blonde chick is still not in my good books yet. And I miss Sydney's ass kicking, although given the impending motherhood thing, I'll give her a pass on that and at least the pregnancy sets up some good comic relief from the normally stoic Jack.

But, to make a short story long, after the episode last night they showed scenes for the next episode and who's coming back, but Sark! Oh Yes! Oh happy day!! I actually did jump up off the couch and bounce in a circle clapping my hands and squealing like an idiot. Seriously people, I'm beginning to think I shouldn't be left unsupervised. But Sark is one of those characters that you watch/read and think 'damn if there was ever a character I wished I created, that's the one'. He's fun, he's evil, and he's cute as hell while he's doing it. And every now and then you get to see his cool facade crack and fall apart.

They're also moving Alias back to Wednesday night's, which I'm more than happy about as well. It'll follow Lost and I get my two hour JJ Abrams fest back. And JJ will be happy to know, that this move of bringing Sark back, provided it is for more than one episode, may just get him back on my Chrismakkah list. I know how upset he was at being knocked off earlier in the year.


Melissa Marsh said...

I've never watched a complete episode of Alias. I like Jennifer Garner and Michael Vaughn and I was distressed when they broke up in real life! Anyway, glad that they're bringing your favorite character back. That's always a bonus!

Nikki said...

Sark's back??? Man, I loved him. You're dead on -- cute AND evil -- you'd never think it was possible but it was.

I loved it when we got to see some action with him and Vaughn's wife -- totally worth it to see Sarky workin' it with the ladies.

And that accent ... okay now I need a cold shower ..

Nikki said...

Ummm, just read the following from EONLINE and had to share ... please make sure cold shower is ready to go first ...

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! This very week, David Anders is once again back on the Alias set--at least, that's what I'm hearing from a few trusty spies who've never steered me wrong before.

I'm also hearing that very soon, Alias' best baddie ever will be doing the horizontal hokeypokey with not one but two of the female characters on the show. And it might be a bit, um...revealing.

By now, I'm sure you've figured out the answer to the c--k tease at the beginning of the column. It is our beloved Sarkie who is currently being fitted for a "flesh-colored c--k sock." Why? Because, according to my sources, he'll be "showing a little ass."

(I'll pause for your visualization.)

(I'll pause for you to recover consciousness.)

And if that weren't good enough news, how's this? Sources tell me he might be doing five episodes--or more!--this season. Not that I don't love the newbies (honestly, I do), but if you ask me, the best thing that could happen to Alias is to make Sark a regular staple once more. Oh yeah, and his c--k sock, too.