Monday, September 26, 2005

The Weekend Extraordinaire

First let me just say - the concert was amazing! We didn't know where we were sitting until we went to pick up our tickets at the box office right before the concert, but when we did and we read the seats on the ticket Maxx and I looked at each other with excitement. Section 52, Row 3. Giddy with anticipation we hurried through security. She managed to distract the guard long enough to keep her from discovering the digital camera hidden at the bottom of her purse and away we went, down to the floor, walking up the middle aisle until we found our section. It was the first one. We were third row from the stage. Ed came out and did a pre-set, sitting on the stool, he did an acoustic number on his own and then introduced the opening band. Pearl Jam took the stage around 9 pm and played until about midnight. On the third encore which was only meant to last two songs, Ed decided he and the guys were going to stay out there until someone brought him a Keith's beer. I'm glad it took awhile for that to happen. Overall, probably the best concert I've ever seen.

Then, the next day, Maxx and I schlepped around the mall for about four hours and then she had to head home while I had to head out to meet the executive committee and some of our published authors for a dinner with Jo Beverley. That was a lot of fun.

The next day we had our all day session at the library with Jo. Lots of info, very entertaining. She did an exercise where we developed a hero. She gave him the name 'John' and we had to answer certain questions. Each of us created our own hero by filling in the info Jo asked us to. It was fun to see what ideas everyone came up with. Once we had our hero developed, Jo handed out index cards with plot twists on them. We had to do a couple of paragraphs of how this affected our hero and his story. Once we managed this, everyone had to pass their card to the person on their left and we had to add the new card into John's story. My brain was churning out ideas faster than I could write them down and by the end of the exercise I had a fully fleshed out idea for a new story which I can't wait to start writing.

Argh! So many ideas and so little time!


Tess said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And a cool exercise - Jo's good at that sort of thing.

Maxx said...

That was one concert I will not soon forget. I can safely say definitely the best concert of my concert-going life. Having 3rd row seats certainly didn't hurt either. I should have made a dive for that tambourine though. Damn. Oh well. Next time.

Nikki said...

I still can't believe you guys were so close!! And it's fantastic that he stayed as long as he did during the encore -- I hate it when band's get all pissy and leave early ... sounds like it was a great concert!!

Michelle said...

I love Jo Beverly. Sounds like a fantastic writing exercise!

Melissa Marsh said...

The lunch and writing with Jo Beverley sounds like so much fun. She is a lovely woman.

Was there a puddle of drool at your feet after the concert? ;-)

Maxx said...

Most likely since I don't think I stopped grinning the whole time. And we had a really good crew around us (no drunken frat boys) so it was just perfect. Actually if I would have caught that tamborine it would have been 100% perfect, but since I wasn't willing to make a huge dive for it
I can live with 99% perfect.