Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Random Mental Wanderings

I had a strange dream last night that I was at work and Martha Stewart walked out of my boss's office and I realized she was my new boss. Only it wasn't really Martha Stewart, it was Cybill Sheppard playing Martha Stewart . I remember wishing it had been the real Martha Stewart because I thought I would like her better than Cybill Sheppard. That woman just creeps me out. The only other part of the dream I remember is that I had a color printer that was hidden in my pod and I thought that was great because now I could print off writing stuff without getting caught. Very weird.

In writing news, I am still slogging away at the revisions on The Outlaw Bride. I hit a point this morning where I took out a large chunk of scenes and now I need to create two new ones to replace them and make the transition to the next section. Unfortunately my brain feels like it's in a total fog this morning and every sentence I write comes out sounding as creatively succinct as: See Spot. See Spot Run. Oh yeah, heady stuff.

I did as much as I could and then printed off a page with a brief description of what I need the new scenes to accomplish. I'll take it to work with me and see if I can't grab some time on my lunch hour to jot some notes down. Preferably ones that read better than the See Spot Run variety.

What do the rest of you do when you have those days? Do you just fight through it and write anyway, or do you have some techniques to help you get over it?


Peggy said...

Cybil gives me the willys too! I'm actually one of the one's who was on Martha's side.

I'm going through that too now, Kelly. I hate everything I write. I keep plowing forward but am not liking it anymore. It's either going to get better, or I'll end up ditching all of it. Not sure yet. The only thing I've liked so far is the Prologue! You know it's bad when the characters don't even want to talk to each another...or to me, argh!!!

Tess said...

On days like that I either just FORCE myself to write or I do research. There's always research to be done and often that will jumpstart something with my writing. And then there are the days I just surf the net mindlessly *g*.

Melissa Marsh said...

Sometimes, I don't write at all. I've tried to force myself through it and it doesn't sound any better. So I take that as my cue that my brain needs a break. Unfortunately, if you let it, your brain will take a very LONG break. :-)

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Holy hannah! That's more like a nightmare!!! (shudder)

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Oh, p.s.! I'm finally doing my updates on my blog. Consider yourself linked at last!