Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brand New Day

Ah yes...sunrise...a brand new day...another chance to hack my manuscript all to pieces like a small child left alone with a paper shredder and no sense whatsoever. Well, let's hope it isn't that bad. I started off the morning by going through the manuscript and cutting scenes out, moving others, and then it dawned on me this might be easier if I were copy the scenes into my formatted outline. That way I will have the scene capsule, the existing written scene, and my notes on what needs to change. Then the scene is right there, with all my notes of what needs to be done. I can fix it and then just remove the scene capsules and put the scenes back together and - voila! - my manuscript is back in one piece again. And hopefully 100 pages shorter than what it was previously. So all in all, it was a good morning. I've managed to do this for the first 28 scenes already.

In other news, the hot new guy the company hired last month is down for a visit today, but sadly the meetings they are having are in the hotel a few doors down. Suckage. Something about 'can't fit 25 people in the boardroom'. Blah blah blah. I say, if it gets me some eye candy, stuff yourselves in there. Do it for morale! C'mon!! close and yet so far away.

So, with me caught up on my work and management out of the office, I see another looooong, slow day stretching out ahead of me.


That's me sticking out my tongue and making a rude noise.


That's me falling asleep at my desk and my head slamming into the keyboard.


Tess said...

Kelly - glad the outline is coming together so well :-)

Too bad about Hot Guy though - I agree - they can all fit in the boardroom!!

Hope you find something to keep you awake.

Erin said...

You type very well with your head on the keyboard, Kelly. I'm impressed.

Ahd, sheesh, you've got multiple boardrooms over there! Can't they just do some sort of intercom conferencing? That way, they could all stay in the office, you'd get your eye candy and the company would save money on paying for the costs of renting meeting room space at the hotel.

Or course, that would mean the hotel loses the money, so it's probably better that I don't say anything.

You should suggest it! You could win a HERO award for saving the company money AND boosting morale! (Yeah, I know...wrong company *G*)

Melissa Marsh said...

Well, darn it. Hopefully you'll be able to see the hot guy some time today!!!

Kelly said...

I do have to make another run over to deliver yet another package to them so maybe I'll see him then unless they just answer the door, grab the package and send me on my way. I'm guessing it may be the latter the way my luck runs.

Maxx said...

Stop handing The Package off and DELIVER IT already.

Kelly said...

They won't let me in to deliver it!! I can't get past the door dammit!

Maxx said...

okay. This situation is going to require more desperate measures. I'll pull the fire alarm and you run into the room and handcuff him to the chair.

Kelly said...

I like the way you think, compadre. I'll get the handcuffs.

Maxx said...

subtlety was never my strong suit