Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hump Day

When I was a kid, I hated Wednesdays. I’m not sure why. I was born on a Wednesday and anyone who knows me, knows how much I just love my birthday. I tried to have it declared a national holiday but to no avail. The only thing I can attribute my general animosity towards Wednesdays to is the fact that as a young girl that was always the day Brownies fell on. I hated Brownies. It was a little too girly for me, who at the time was about as much of a tomboy as one could get. I tried to join cub scouts. They camped and hiked and did all the fun stuff the Girl Guides didn’t do. We got to sell cookies. Woo…hoo…My friend and I even tried to join the cub scouts. We snuck in wearing her brother’s cast off uniforms, but were outted when her big frizzy blonde hair escaped the confines of the hat and sent it flying halfway across the room.

Anyway, Wednesdays have never been a favorite. Until today.

You see, today I arrived at work, filled up my Ugly Green Fish Mug in the kitchen and then was on my way through the reception area which is basically secured. You have to swipe your security access to pass from one door to the other. If anyone comes off the elevator they are basically trapped in reception until someone comes to get them.

And lordy, but you should have seen what we trapped this morning. Holy hormone, Batman, but there was one fine looking specimen of man standing there, a carry-on slung over his shoulder. A nice, lean, muscular shoulder at that. Whew…damn, it’s hot in here. Where was I? Oh yes, muscular shoulders and captive audiences. I figure the karma gods must have been smiling down on me this morning, as I managed to get to the reception area before he picked up the phone and called the actual receptionist to let him in.

I asked his name and if I could help him. A sudden rush of all the things I’d like to help him with clogged my cranium. I beat them back…though granted, not with much enthusiasm. It’s so rare to have a hot guy pass through our office; I wanted to enjoy the fantasy for as long as possible. He said his name and I realized he was the new guy hired for our Ontario office.

I led him into the office, down to the meeting room and reluctantly let him be led off by one of the senior management guys. My joy that he was a permanent fixture of the company tempered by the fact he was working several provinces away. Oh well, at least he’ll visit from time to time.

Wednesday’s child is full of woe, and I must say, I am most woeful that he works in the wrong office. The karma gods have a rather cynical sense of humor in my humble estimation. I’m sure if I do a ring check he’ll probably have a gold band strangling his ring finger as well. Sigh. Story of my life. Still…he sure is pretty to look at.


Maxx said...

He's probably gay and has a really small pennis.

Just trying to help.

And did we not share a tent and sing around a campfire in girl guides or have all the drugs finally caught up to your brain?

Kelly said...

We shared a tent outside a cabin. We roasted nothing more than marshmallows over the flame. The guys camped in the woods and cooked all their meals over the fire. And they had to hike 10 miles just to get to the campsite. Now that's an adventure. Not being 30 feet away from the kitchen where all your meals were prepared for you. It was almost like they were saying 'you're girls, you can't do it the hard way'. It always pissed me off.

Erin said...

Don't know what's more amusing...your description of your reaction to Mr. Lust...or the fact that the Ugly Green Fish Mug still prevails.

Maxx said...

Well... since I consider a hotel with no room service 'roughing it', that suited me just fine. I need my creature comforts. I need electricity. I need my blow dryer. Anything else is just barbaric and completely unnecessary. If God wanted us to 'rough it', she wouldn't have given us curling irons.

Melissa Marsh said...

We don't have any hot guys in our office, either. We really watch for the constructions guys to show up, though. And since our building has mirrored windows, they can't see us gaping at them. *grin*

Maxx said...

They're building a new small business next door to my house so I'm crossing my fingers they'll be utilizing hot guys to build it with. I should have made that mandatory when the guy came to get my A-Ok for the project. (My house is so close to where this will be he wanted to make sure I wouldn't put up a stink)

Nikki said...

I love it! A man trap!! I need to get me one of those.

And why are office guys so unappealing -- maybe it's 'cause we see 'em all day and all of their various flaws (carting your floss to the bathroom after every snack is not someone who's going to make it into my "hot" file ... though my "anal retentive" file is gettin' all full up!)

Thanks for the visual ...

Michelle said...

LOL! Love the story. Too funny.

I hated girl scouts, too. I think I lasted all of six months. The cookies did it, I'm certain.