Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Damn, now that song is going to go through my head all day.

Oh well, that's what I was doing this morning anyway. I nearly skipped my writing time today. I didn't sleep last night. I finally drifted off sometime after 4:00 AM only to be awakened from a really strange dream with the guy from Prison Break in it, because my neighbor thought it would be a good idea to idle their very loud car outside my window at 5:20 AM. Once again, I wish I had bought that rocket launcher...

My alarm went off a half hour later and I debated just resetting it. I was exhausted, but then I figured I probably wouldn't sleep anyway so why bother. I got up, fortified with a big mug of java, and went downstairs to start inputting the handwritten notes I wrote into the formatted outline for The Outlaw Bride that I had finished the day before. I got all my notes incorporated and realized I have some serious revision to do in spots because there were a few things that just didn't work for me, they seemed a bit too contrived. But a little juggling of some scenes and additions of others, and a total bloodletting of a few sections should fix the problem.

Tomorrow I'm going to make a second copy of my full manuscript and start cutting out the sections I've flagged for removal and highlighting the areas that need big changes. It'll be interesting to see how many pages I end up with once that's done.

This afternoon we have our company softball game. I was volunteered to organize last year's game when my bosses heard I'd done the same thing for quite a few years at my previous company. So I did it again, and being the anal retentive that I am, I had things organized right down to the batting orders and positions played, had my brother ump the game so we had an impartial 3rd party to keep co-workers from arguing with each other, brought all the equipment from my Sunday softball team so we had what we needed. The game went off without a hitch and even the weather cooperated.

Well this year, the game was organized by someone else and the thing is so disorganized that we play this afternoon and the teams aren't even made up yet. And to top it off, I've heard there are 17 people to a team. Now last time I checked you only had 10 on the field, so unless they created a few new positions, I think we're overstocked. They didn't have an ump or a strike zone mat, so I asked my brother to do it again this year and to bring the team gear. They only had two bases, one of which was in bad shape. No one knows what position they're playing or even if they have a pitcher for each team.

It's chaos, chaos I tell ya! On the plus side, the game I organized last year is probably going to look really good in comparison, and really - isn't that the most important thing?


Maxx said...

I miss playing softball but I'm scared I would suck so bad at it now the team would hate me for making them lose all the time.

Kelly said...

Nah, most mixed teams are a mix of good and sucky players. Besides I remember you smoking the ball. YOu got a lot of upper body strength so you'd probably be fine. Just join a beer league. Really, how seriously can you take the game when they provide beer at the 9 am games??

Maxx said...

ahaha good point. Beer at 9am? *retch*

Okay. Next year I'll look into it. I want to get out more. I wanted to get a canoe this year but funds wouldn't allow it. Maybe next year.

Erin said...

And last year's game was probably one of the best documented games you'll ever see! That way, you have photographic evidence of how well organized the game was and how much fun people had.

Kick their butts, Kelly!

Nikki said...

Baseball? Whatever. I'm so not athletic.

Which guy from Prison Break?

Kelly said...

The main guy that goes into prison to get his brother out.