Saturday, June 11, 2005

Too Bad Every Day Wasn't Saturday

I almost missed posting today and I'd love to say I have something of great importance to relay to you, but it was a pretty relaxed Saturday, which in itself is fairly unusual. The only thing that had to be done was the groceries. Although, as a warm up, I went to the mall first and tried to find a movie I want, Royal Deceit, to further my Christian Bale obsession of late. Sadly it appears I'll have to order it on-line. I consoled myself with this fact by purchasing a few books, a Father's Day present and then finding some freakishly good sales that allowed me to purchase a shirt, pair of shorts and a skirt for a whopping total of $50.

I came home to the sun shining and temperature rising, took the dog out in the backyard, laid down on my deck and soaked up the rays. Then I came in and put self-tanner on my legs. Not sure the logic of putting the self-tanner on after I just laid out, but often times I find it best not to question some of the things I do and just simply go with it. I currently have a lovely golden glow on my gams.

Then, as I'm sucking on a fruit smoothie I froze in my popsicle holder thingys and looking at the inside of my fridge wondering how I could have just bought groceries and still have nothing to eat, Dad calls and suggests I come on up for a bbq. That solved the supper crisis, so off I went. Turns out Mom and Dad figured with all the baby stuff going on lately with my sister being pregnant and by brother and his wife popping out the latest addition they worried I might have gotten lost in the shuffle so it was time to touch base. Food is always the best incentive to get me anywhere, so Dad gave up his steak to further the cause.

I'm back now, after food and a few hours of conversation with the 'rents. Nice way to spend an evening, I think. All in all, today was a really good day.

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