Sunday, June 05, 2005

Snoozin' on Sunday

I am exhausted. I became an aunt again for the second time last night - little Natalie Shay Eileen popped out into the world before her mother could even get the johnny shirt on. Talk about going from zero to sixty in no time flat. We Boyces' - we're an impatient lot.

I figured I better get those booties finished. Stayed up and did that til about midnight, then remembered I had a double header softball game this morning at 9 am. Managed to perform pretty well - got on base a bunch of times, got some people out (the other team, I only get my own team members out on the really bad days), remembered to wear my uniform. Ah, the marigold yellow shirt...what were they thinking?? You can see us coming a mile away.

My plan for today was to work on my excerpts for my website, but I'm so tired right now, all I can think of doing is crashing on my couch. Maybe rummaging up some lunch before I do. Beyond that, well we'll just wait and see what the rest of the afternoon holds...


Anonymous said...

congratulations, auntie kelly!!!!

ces. xoxo

Amy said...

Congrats on the new niece! :)