Friday, June 17, 2005

Another Soggy Day

Ah yes, another soggy June day. Bleh. I'm sick of rain. I need a good ole blast of sunshine. I'm beginning to think summer will never arrive. I think Ontario is getting it all. Maybe I should wave a flag or send up some smoke signals to convince them to send some of that hot weather down this way.

I'm attempting to figure out the whole posting pictures to the blog thing. I haven't quite got the hang of this yet I think, but let's see if it works. I'll post a pix of Connor, the hero of TOB just hanging around, looking sexy.

In other news - the ribcage is still sore, so I'm off to get gamma-rayed and see what comes up. The doc is pretty sure nothing is cracked
or broken but she wants to make sure I haven't bruised my lungs along with the ribs. Soft tissue injury, she called it. At least that's what it sounded like. She has a thick accent so I usually only catch every third or fourth word. She could have told me I have a terminal illness for all I know. Although I'm guessing that would have taken a few more tests other than just pressing down on my chest wall and making me want to smack her for causing me pain and telling me I can't workout or play softball until the results come back.

Meanwhile, since I didn't have to rush off to work first thing this morning, I managed to finish Chp 27 of The Outlaw Bride and post it to my critique group. I'm now barreling down the final stretch. I am one, possibly two, chapters away from the end.


kacey said...

don't you love it when you get so close you can TASTE the end of the story???

Donna Grant said...

Sweetie, you can have some of my hot weather. It reached 97 yesterday here in Texas. Ugh!

Love the picture. Nothing like getting a good dose of a hot guy first thing in the morning. :D

Michelle said...

Oh, I just love barreling through to the end. When I'm 20 or fewer pages, I blast my way onward. Happy writing!!