Thursday, May 19, 2005

And Poof!...It Was Gone

I came home from work yesterday to an email from Erin Fry (RWA National) informing me that Melissa Endlich of HQN, whom I had my editor appointment scheduled with at Reno, had been promoted to editor of Steeple Hill. Melissa has requested to only see authors who were writing for the Inspirational line. If I did not have an inspirational to pitch, I would have to cancel my editor appointment.

Weeellll, I don’t write inspirational—I write historical—and while I would like to think there are moments in my writing that inspire, somehow I don’t think that will cut it. A friend suggested I throw in a few ‘Oh God!’s and maybe that would work (thanks Anne!), but all my praising of a higher deity take place in the love scenes and well…last time I checked there weren’t too many of those in the inspirational lines. My characters eventually, at some point in the manuscript, will be doing the horizontal mamba. Even Connor and Kate, who have given me nothing but grief on this point and have lodged a serious protest over my letter instructing them they are to be punished for their insolence and sent to opposite ends of the earth, never to know the pleasures of the flesh ever again.

But I digress…Erin said she will put me and the other displaced writers who thought they had their editor appointment all sewn up on the list for first crack at any openings and that she is hoping to convince the other editors to pick up some extra appointments. Three of us from RWAC had our appointments with Melissa, so we’re all in the same boat. It’s disappointing, but I have a gut feeling that everything is going to work out fine.

And as I usually do, I’m going with my gut. It never steers me wrong.


Brenda Bradshaw said...

Hi Kelly! I clicked your nick when you posted on my KING thread today and found your blog.

That totally sucks about HQN. WHY do they do that?! I entered a contest because of who editor judging it was, and then she moved to another category. I was irked, needless to say!

I think you're right though: go with your gut. There are reasons why these things happen, I truly believe. So consider yourself open for an adventure that you don't have a map for!

Mind if I link your blog from mine?

Kelly said...

Link away!

An adventure without a map, huh? WEll that's just as well. I have a horrible sense of direction anyway!

Maxx said...

yeah giving you a map is a waste of time.

Don't worry... there'll be a sign